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Average Home Loan Interest Rate

Average home loan interest rate helps you figure out the present market condition and whether it is right time to approach a bank or financial agency with a home loan request. There are many factors that govern the home loan interest rates and hence you have a changed average each new day. It is obviously a nice idea to seek a home loan when the average interest rate dips low, thus providing you a tool to shop intelligently in the home finance market.

Want to be different from the run of the mill? Then you need to upgrade your knowledge regularly on average home loan interest rate. If you remain a little bit more informed on average interest rate home loan you will be the gainer in the long run or for that matter short run too in the turfs of home loan programs. Average home loan interest rate is the compilation of daily statistics of loan rate in your area. However, interest rate is a figure whose calculation is based on the prime rate plus a margin. Now, if you take a tour back to history of economics you will see that prime rate in North American banking was the interest rate charged by the lenders to the borrowers who were considered the most credit worthy by them.

Today, amongst banks prime rate does not vary much and if such variations happen the banks make adjustments for it. Whether your want is a one time chunk amount for which inclining towards a fixed rate home loan is better or your need is periodic for which leaning towards adjustable rate home loan is preferable constant up-dating on average home loan interest rate is vital. You can choose the best home loan program for yourself by keeping yourself posted about average interest rate on home loan.

What is the average home loan interest rate ?

As mentioned above, average home loan interest rate do not remain static and changes as the factors governing it change. However, it is possible to get a rough account of the same assuming that it does not vary too much for a longer period of time. We give you rough idea of the average home loan interest rate on this page and also try to incorporate any major change that it undergoes any moment of time.
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan – 5.5 percent
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan – 4.9 percent
  • 1 Year ARM – 5 percent

The page below reveals the names and addresses of some well-known websites providing functional information on average home loan interest rate.

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HSH Associates Financial Publishers
This website provides current news on mortgages, weekly market trends and forecasts, monthly rate forecasts and mortgage calculators. By viewing the mortgage rates in your area on this site you can choose a suitable loan for yourself.
Freddie Mac
This website provides weekly primary mortgage survey. Their motto is to help innumerable American families to buy the homes of their choice or to cater to their rental needs as per their affordability. This site links the homeowners and the renters to the world’s capital market,
This website offers latest information on home sales, home prices, disingenuous advertisements, subprime loans, interest rates and more. This site aids you in comparing rates and trends.

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