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HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates

When it is a question of purchasing a home with a home loan, the primary objective of the borrowers is to find a cheap interest rate loan. HDFC Bank India home loan rates are one of the cheapest rates that are available in the Indian home loan market.

About HDFC Bank India Home Loan Interest Rates

HDFC Bank India home loan rates are one of the most competitive rates available in the home loan market. The table given below will give you an idea about these rates:

Rates Fixed Interest Rate Flexible Interest Rate Basis% RPLR
Upto and including Rs 30 lacs 11.25% 9.50% RPLR - 5.50
Rs.30.01 lacs to Rs.75 lacs 11.25% 9.75% RPLR - 5.25
Rs.75.01 lacs and above 11.25% 10.00% RPLR - 5.00

The base rate of HDFC Bank India has been fixed at 7.75% effective from 02-jan-2011

Advantages offered by HDFC Bank India home loans

Given below are some important advantages offered by HDFC home loans:
  1. Flexible repayment terms

    All the home loans offered by HDFC Bank India are available with convenient and flexible repayment terms. The repayment terms have been scheduled to fit the requirements of the borrowers.
  1. Automated repayment of EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments) on home loans

    The borrower has the facility to provide standing instructions to pay off their home loan installments directly from their savings account with HDFC Bank. This helps you in avoiding the hassles of collecting, signing and monitoring post-dated cheques.
  2. Both fixed and floating rate loan options are available

    The borrowers have the option of selecting from fixed and floating rate loans. Borrowers are also allowed to design their loans as partially floating and partially fixed rate loans.
  3. Loan Coverage Term Assurance Plan

    This is an insurance policy offered by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited, which has been planned to make sure that unforeseen events in your life don’t hamper the interest of your family and your prized home. The Loan Cover Term Assurance Plan (LCTAP) offers a one time payment on the ill-timed death of the life insured.
  4. This is a kind of sure risk strategy which has been devised in such a manner so that the cover reduces while you gradually pay off your home loan, turning it into an affordable insurance premium plan.
  5. In-house inspection of property deeds

    HDFC Bank also gives you the opportunity to scrutinize your property deeds in your home for your absolute peace of mind.
  6. Customer privileges

    In case you are an existing customer of HDFC Bank home loan, then you can get other loans from HDFC Bank like car loans, personal loans, loan against securities and two wheeler loans at cheaper interest rates.
Schedule of Charges on HDFC Bank India Home Loans

The table given below will help you understand the various charges associated with HDFC Bank India home loans:

Types of Charges Ecbop Home Loan
Foreclosure penalties No prepayments permitted during first 6 months
6 months - 5 years - 1.5% of original loan amount
5 years -10 years - 0.75% of original loan amount
Over 10 years - No closure charges

eBOP customers :
Loan repaid from own funds   - no foreclosure penalties
Loan repaid from other funds - usual foreclosure penalties.

For Gold Category
6 months - 5 years - 2% of original loan amount
Over 5 years - No closure charges
Cheque swapping charges Rs 500/-
Fees for delayed payment of EMI 2% per month
Duplicate Statement Charges (per statement) Rs 100/- per page subject to a maximum of Rs. 300/-
Bounce Cheque Charges Rs. 500/-
Issue of Duplicate Interest Certificate Rs. 300/-
Issue of Duplicate Provisional Interest Certificate Rs. 300/-
Issue of Amortization Schedule (Duplicate) Rs. 300/-
Duplicate Balance Certificate Rs. 300/-
Switch from Fixed to Floating Not Applicable
Switch from Floating to Fixed Not Applicable
Photocopy of Documents Rs. 500/-

You should remember that all the abovementioned services are subject to service charges, as applicable.



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