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GE Money Home Loan

GE Money Home Loan, provided by GE Money Housing Finance, offers a complete solutions for all your housing related needs. GE Money Home Loan is a feature packed housing finance that the consumers can avail of.

GE Money Home Loan gives its customers a loan up to a huge amount of 2 crores, an amount that most of the other housing finance companies would not provide you. Customers can avail GE Money Home Loan for purchasing or constructing new house / flat. GE Money Home Loan also provides loan for ready to move-in residential properties.

GE Money Home Loan provides loans up to 85% of the property value that includes registration cost. Borrower can get a longer tenure of up to 20 years to repay the loan amount. It has also got some attractive interest rates.

GE Money Home Loan has got some unique features. There is an insurance cover on the home loans that is provided with GE Money Home Loan. It has also got attractive offers on Loan Transfer from other banks. Customer can also get Income Tax benefits from the GE Money Home Loan.

The biggest advantage that the GE Money Home Loan provide is the simple documentation and doorstep service. Its home loan documentation is very flexible. Just a few documents are needed to get a home lone from here. Those can be said as:

Identity Proof
Signature Verification
Residence Proof
As Income Proof

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