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First National Bank(FNB)

First National Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in South Africa which has subsidiaries in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique. The bank is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. In the year 2009, the FNB received Bank of Zambia's authorization to start its operations in Zambia. The bank provides commercial, corporate as well as personal banking services to more than 7 million customers across the country. It has banking solutions for all age groups, be it the teenage age group or pensioners. The history of the First National Bank can be traced back to 1833 when the Eastern Province Bank was formed in Grahamstown. However, the bank has experienced a lot of ups and downs since its establishment and this is because of the great depression and subsequent recession at that time. Very soon, the FNB managed to stand at all odds and emerge to become one of the leading financial institutions of South Africa.

Branches of FNB

The head office of the First National Bank is situated in Johannesburg in South Africa and has branches in Gauteng, Cape town, Durban, Omaha, Western Cape, Centurion, Stellenbosch, Sandton city, Bloemfontein. The bank has opened subsidiaries in four different locations such as Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland. It plans to expand its network by opening branches in other parts of the continent as well as the world. The bank has also opened a number of ATM centers in most visited places of the country. The main motive of opening ATM centers in different locations is to make itself easily available to its customers.

Internet Banking with FNB

First National Bank has introduced the Internet banking facility in order to provide banking products and services just a click away. With the advent of online banking, customers can now not only access their personal accounts online but also perform a number of banking transactions such as paying of credit card bills, transfer of funds from one account of a bank to the other, details of saving or investment account, apply for home loans and other personal loans, view all or particular recent transactions. In order to perform the mentioned transactions, you will have to register yourself and fill up an application form available at the bank's branch. It takes about 2-3 business days to verify your information and set-up your account for Online Banking. Each customer is then given a unique login id and password. With the help of this login id and password, the customers can sign in to their personal accounts and perform their desired transactions. You can view the details of all your accounts like Checking, Savings, Money Market, Time deposits (CDs), IRAs, Loans. It is also very safe and secure as it asks for your Access ID code and Password every time you begin a session. It uses a use powerful encryption technology available through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as enabled through the web server. With the help of FNB internet banking you can Check your account balances, view and monitor your account statements, transfer money between checking, savings, and money market accounts etc. You can also do transanstions with your Overdraft Protection Line of Credit and Home Equity Line of Credit.

Careers at First National Bank

The First National Bank in South Africa offers a number of career opportunities in the banking sector. Some of them are for the positions of financial analyst, loan specialists home loan, personal loan, customer care executives, team leader, sales representatives etc. The recruitment program of the bank happens every year in the month of May and June where the bank advertises its vacant positions and calls applicants for those vacancies.

To know more about the current jobs, careers or vacancies with the bank, you can visit the FNB's official website.

FNB Repossessed Houses

FNB repossessed houses are the best options for those looking out to buy a house at a cheap rate. Repossessed houses are those houses that are in the bank's lap because the owner the house has been unable to repay the loan on the same. It is really sad for those who own the house, but buying a repossessed house by an individual is cheaper than going in for a new house. The house which comes in the control of the bank after the loan borrower has not paid the loan is a repossessed house. The banks would like to get rid of all such houses as soon as possible and that is why they organize for a bidding process. The person who auctions the best rate gets the repossessed house. The recent economic crisis has had a severe impact on all those who people who went in to a housing loan and were unable to repay it. The bank has a list of repossessed houses in different parts of the country. To know more on the same, you can contact the bank officials directly.

First National Bank Home Loans

First National Bank provides home loans to its customers who wish to buy a house of their own. The bank guides the loan borrower as he/she takes each step in the home loan process. FNB home loan specialists can also be contacted on their contact number 0860 33 44 55. The home loan specialist would let you know of all the different housing schemes and interest rates applicable on the same. The bank also provides FNB home loan calculator with the help of which the customer is able to calculate the estimated repayments and decide accordingly. This calculator is available at the official website of the bank. In order to apply for a housing loan, the customer has to fill up an application form available at the bank's website. The home loan department would go through your application form and contact you directly. The home loan specialists would also tell you the amount required as deposit charges on availing the home finance.

FNB Personal Loans

Personal loans can be used for any of the personal requirements such as improving your house, debt consolidation, making any life style improvements, financing a vehicle, vacation etc. The personal loans are calculated on the basis of an individual's affordability and risk profile. In order to qualify for a personal loan an individual must be at least between the age group of 18 to 63 years and must have a regular monthly income of R8350 minimum. All the required documents must be submitted at the bank's branch after you apply for a FNB personal loan. In order to apply for a personal loan you can call the First National Bank personal loan department on their contact number 0861 40 40 40.

FNB Credit Card

FNB credit card types are FNB Platinum credit card, FNB Gold credit card, FNB Silver credit card and FNB smart credit card. In order to apply for any of the credit cards offered by the First National Bank, customers will first have to fill up an application form and submit the same at the credit card department of the bank. Each credit card sets a requirement of minimum income. The least is R36,000 in order to apply for a smart credit card. The credit card division sends a credit card statement online as well as a copy of the same is provided at the contact address of the applicant.

Swift Code of First National Bank

The swift code of the First National Bank in South Africa is FIRNZAJJ. This code is used whenever there is a monetary transfer from one bank to the other or from one branch to the other. Each bank is given a swift code which consists of 8 to 11 characters. The swift code for every bank is different and unique. Some might have eight characters and some banks might have eleven characters. On the basis of swift code, one can easily recognize the banks and thus perform the banking transaction faster. With a sudden increase of banks in the world, swift codes come very handy whenever a bank has to be differentiated easily from the others.

FNB Customer Service

The customer service or the customer care department of the First National Bank handles customer complaints, queries, suggestions and feedback. The customer service representatives of the bank assists you in money transfer, credit card billings, home loan queries, personal loan details and so on. The customer service number of the bank is 1-800-899-7977. Each customer's problems or queries are answered by the officials of the FNB customer service department.

For more details on the First National Bank you can log on to the bank's official website https://www.fnb.co.za/ .

First National Bank

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