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FNB Home Loans

First National Bank provides housing solutions to all the people of South Africa by offering home loans to its customers. Home loans are provided by all the branches of the FNB Bank but the final approval is given by the FNB home loans head office in Johannesburg. Before applying for a home loan all the required documents must be provided to the home loan specialists. The home loan specialists will go through the documents and check them for verification purposes. In case they find any misleading document, the applicant will be questioned for the same. First National Bank home loans are tailored according to the needs and requirements of the borrowers. Lets have a look at them in detail.

FNB Home Loan Department

First National Bank home loan department is the department which handles all queries related to home loans. This department deals not only with existing customers but also all new customers who come only to inquire about the various home finance available. You can also send them an email or call the home loan department directly on their contact number 0860 33 44 55. All queries are answered by the officials in the legal department of the bank. You can also fix up for an appointment with the loan specialist by deciding the mutually convenient time and the mutually convenient place.

FNB Home Loan Interest Rates

The First National Bank offers three different kinds of interest rates on home loans applied. One is the variable interest rate, the second is the fixed rate of interest and the third is the BA linked interest rates. The fixed rates can be changed after every 12, 18 or 24 months. The maximum loan term given to a customer is a period of 30 years. In order to apply for any of the interest rate you can contact the FNB bank's home loan division. They would provide you with exact interest rates and repayment techniques offered.

FNB Home Loan Calculator

FNB home loan calculator or the First National Bank home loan calculator calculates the estimated amount a FNB home loan customer will have to pay as repayments. This calculator can be used by logging on to the official website of FNB. It is available for free of cost and does not charge any fees for using the same. This calculator will given an idea of the amount which might have to paid by the customer after he/she avails a particular housing loan. In case of any problem while using the FNB home loan calculator, the customer service department of the bank can be contacted. They would assist you in your calculations and make your journey simple and an easy one.

FNB Home Loan Application

FNB home loan application form is available at the bank. This form is also available online. Customers can either visit the bank personally and fill the form or simply visit the First National Bank online and fill the application form via the Internet The forms are sent to the home loan department of the bank which would then individually contact the customers for housing loans. All the details provided in the FNB home loan application form must be completely true and there should not be any doubts in the minds of the home loan specialists. The bank has got the right to reject any application form if it feels that the information entered is false. The bank would also carry out a thorough investigation after the application forms are submitted, just to be doubly sure of the information provided.

FNB Home Loan Deposit

In some cases, the bank charges a deposit charge on housing loan. The First National Bank sometimes waives off the deposit fees depending on the customer's financial position and loan amount applied for. In case your deposit charges are not waived off, then the bank's home loan officials would let you know about the other costs such as deposit, legal costs, administration costs, transfer or duty costs, VAT etc. To know the deposit charges on your housing loan, you can contact the bank officials.

FNB Home Loans Repossessions

The First National Bank of South Africa provides home finances to all its customers; along with it the bank also provides repossessed houses at various auction programs. All those customers who have been unable to repay the home loan are barred from staying in there house and the house is possessed by the bank. The bank does not want to stay in the property business which is why, it offers these houses as repossessed houses to the public. The bank officials will be the best people to give you a list of all the repossessed houses in SA.

FNB Home Loan Insurance

FNB home loan insurance policy is the protection that the First National Bank of South Africa offers against any kind of damage to your house. A house is definitely the most valued and priced possession of an individual. That is why, in order to make it even more safe and secure it offers insurance programs from any kind of damage caused due to any natural calamities, theft or robbery. The customer will have to apply for an insurance program with the bank in order to avail this facility. The home loan division of the bank will themselves offer you an insurance program along with the home finance.

FNB Home Loan Contact

The First National Bank home loans contact number is 0860 33 44 55. This number is available on all days from Monday to Saturday. You can also send the bank a request to contact you back by leaving your name and number at the home loan department. The home loan officials will call you at a time mutually convenient to both the customer as well as the bank officials. You can also contact them at the nearest branch by finding about it through the branch locator on their official website.

For more information on First National Bank home loans, interest rates, application form, deposit charges, calculator you can also visit the link given below: www.fnb.co.za .

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