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Federal Bank India

Founded in 1945, Federal Bank India is one of the leading commercial banks in India. The bank primarily serves its customers with a diversified range of savings and loan products.

About Federal Bank India

Federal Bank India was founded in 1945. It is a mainstream commercial bank and the headquarters of the bank are located in Kochi, Kerala. At the time of its inception, it was known as Travancore Federal Bank. The founder of Federal Bank was Mr. K. P. Hormis. The bank is presently one of the most prosperous banks in India. The Managing Director and CEO of Federal bank is Mr. M. Venugopalan.

Federal Bank India has undergone a number of acquisitions which ultimately resulted in the expansion of its business. The bank received the status of a Scheduled Commercial Bank in 1970. The banks acquired by Federal Bank include the following:

  1. Chalakudy Public Bank
  2. Cochin Union Bank
  3. Alleppey Bank
  4. St.George Union Bank
  5. Marthandom Commercial Bank

Federal Bank India has a network of 669 branches and 690 ATMs throughout India. In terms of capital base, Federal Bank has ranked 4th among all banks in India. The bank also has a representative office in Abu Dhabi. The bank follows industry best standards and aims to become the top private bank in India by offering a growing portfolio of products. Federal Bank has also partnered with Fortis Insurance International and IDBI Bank to launch IDBI Fortis Life Insurance.

Products and services of Federal Bank India

The products and services offered by Federal Bank India can be classified into the following types:

Personal Banking

Savings Bank

  1. SB Plus
  2. FreedomSB
  3. Fed Power +
  4. Fed Power
  5. FedClassic +
  6. FedClassic
  7. MahilaMitra
  8. Yuvamitra
  9. No-Frills Savings Account
  10. FedSmart


  1. Fixed Deposit
  2. Fed Jeevan
  3. Suraksha Deposit
  4. Cash Certificate
  5. Federal Tax Savings Deposit
  6. Federal Savings Fund (FSF)

Inward Remittance

  1. SWIFT Remittance
  2. Fed Fast
  3. Cash On Line
  4. Xpress Money (UAE Exchange)
  5. INR drawing arrangements
  6. Fed-India Remit
  7. Lock Box Facility


  1. Equity Subscription
  2. Home Term Loan Scheme
  3. Personal Loan
  4. Gold Loan Scheme
  5. Bon Voyage Loan
  6. Federal Vidya Loan
  7. Aashray Scheme
  8. Purchase Of House Plots
  9. Special Vidya Loan
  10. Consumer Loan Scheme
  11. Own Your Gold Scheme
  1. Federal Housing Loan
  2. Loans For Doctors
  3. Subha Yatra Loan
  4. Rent Securitisation Loan
  5. Agri Gold Loan (ADLG)
  6. Easy Cash Scheme
  7. Personal Car Loan
  8. Prathyasha Loan
  9. Mortgage Loan
  10. Ashwas Gold Loan Scheme

Other services

  1. Anywhere Banking
  2. Payment of LIC Premium
  3. Tele-Banking
  4. School Fees
  5. EMail Alerts
  6. ASBA
  7. Mobile Alerts
  8. Credit Rating
  9. Fed-e-Pay
  1. Demat Accounts
  2. ATM Services
  3. Fed+Amrita
  4. Online Shopping
  5. Fed-E-Trade
  6. Insurance Products
  7. Federal Pure Gold
  8. Safe Deposit Lockers
  9. Mutual Fund

Corporate Banking

Current Accounts

  1. FedVanijya+
  2. FedVanijya
  3. FedTrade 50
  4. FedTrade+

Inward Remittance

  1. SWIFT Remittance
  2. INR Drawing Arrangements


  1. Commodity Futures Linked
  2. Against Warehouse Receipts
  3. Mortgage Loan
  4. Industrial Loan (FILS)
  5. LC Bill Discounting (BD-LC)
  6. Corporate Loans
  1. Term Loans
  2. Bill Finance
  3. Working Capital Finance
  4. Letter of Credit
  5. Export/Import finance
  6. Bank Guarantees

Other Services

  1. ATM Services
  2. Credit Rating
  3. Tele-Banking
  4. Merchant Banking
  5. Bank Guarantee
  6. Priority Banking
  1. Safe Deposit Lockers
  2. Insurance Products
  3. Gilt Accounts
  4. Mutual Fund
  5. ASBA
  6. Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

NRI Banking

Savings Bank

  1. Fed NRI Power
  2. Fed NRI Privilege
  3. Fed NRI Premium

Funds Transfer

  1. NEFT
  2. RTGS

Inward Remittance

  1. Fed Fast
  2. Cash On Line
  3. INR drawing arrangements
  4. Fed-India Remit
  5. SWIFT Remittance
  6. Lock Box Facility
  7. Xpress Money (UAE Exchange)

Priority Banking

  1. Ordinary Non Resident Account
  2. Non Resident External Account
  3. Foreign Currency Non Resident Account
  4. Demat Accounts
  5. Deposits

SME Business Banking


  1. Finance To Horticulture
  2. Own Your Gold Scheme
  3. Commodity Futures Linked
  4. Loans For Doctors
  5. Agricultural Development
  6. Against Warehouse Receipts
  7. Self Help Groups
  8. Animal Husbandry
  9. Rural Godowns
  10. Irrigation Infrastructure
  11. General Credit Card (GCC)
  12. Exporter's Gold Card
  13. Digital Projector Loan
  1. Fed Farm Hospitality
  2. Federal Traders Loan (FTLS)
  3. Federal Service Loan (FSLS)
  4. Rent Securitisation Loan
  5. Industrial Loan (FILS)
  6. Kisan Credit Card Scheme (FKCC)
  7. Federal Haritha Card
  8. Agri Mobile Scheme
  9. Land Development Schemes
  10. Financing Small Rubber Growers
  11. Mortgage Loan
  12. Easy Cash Scheme

Inward Remittance

  1. SWIFT Remittance
  2. Inward Remittance

Current Accounts

  1. Current Plus
  2. Freedom Current
  3. FedTrade 50
  4. FedTrade
  5. FedTrade+
  6. FedVanijya+
  7. FedVanijya

Federal Bank India Contact Details

Federal Bank Ltd.
Federal Towers,
Aluva, Kochi - 683 101,
Kerala, India


Federal Bank India


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