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Dena Bank Loans

Dena Bank loans are innovative financing products that are offered by Dena Bank, a premier public sector commercial bank headquartered in Mumbai. All the loans offered by Dena Bank are available with attractive rates and terms.

About Dena Bank loans

Dena Bank loans have been designed to meet the financing needs of various types of customers such as individual customers, corporate clients, international clients and SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Given below are the various types of loan schemes offered by Dena Bank to its diverse clientele:

1) Dena Bank Personal Banking

The personal banking division of Dena Bank offers a broad variety of loan schemes. The loans are available with simple terms and affordable interest rates. Loans for all types of borrowers planned to fit every budget and meet every financial requirement are available. Custom-made loan products and fast approval make Dena Bank loans a preferred option among borrowers. Given below are the loans offered by the personal banking division of Dena Bank:

  • Dena Consumer Durable Loan
  • Dena Trade Finance Scheme
  • Dena Mortgage Loan Scheme
  • Dena Senior Citizen Pensioners’ Loan Scheme
  • Dena Rent Scheme (Finance against Rent receivables)
  • Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme
  • Dena Vidya Laxmi Educational Loan Scheme
  • Dena Suvidha Scheme (Personal Loan)
  • Dena Auto Finance Scheme

2) Dena Bank Corporate Banking

Dena Bank has credit facilities to fulfill the financing needs of corporate customers. Given below are the different types of loan schemes that Dena Bank offers to the corporate clients:

  • Credit facilities to Educational Institutions
  • Credit facilities to Builders & Developers
  • Credit facilities to Hospitals
  • Credit facilities to Hotels & Restaurants
  • Credit facilities to Entertainment Industry.

3) Dena Bank International Banking

Dena Bank also serves its international clients with financing and credit facilities. Given below are the different types of credit facilities that Dena Bank offers to the international clients:

Export Financing

  • Pre Shipment Export Credit (Packing Credit)
  • Packing Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)
  • Post Shipment Export Credit
  • Gold Card Scheme for Exporters
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Letter of Credit Advising/Confirmation

Import Financing

  • Letter of Credit
  • Collection of Import Bills
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Fund based Services

4) Dena Bank SME Banking

Dena Bank has a host of financing products and credit facilities for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). There are loan schemes where Dena Bank has given particular attention to make sure that applicants get approved immediately and the processing does not take much time. Listed below are the priority sector schemes that Dena Bank offers to the small and medium scale enterprises:

  • Dena Shakti Scheme
  • Dena Rural Internet Kiosk Scheme
  • Dena Rural Artisan Credit Card Scheme
  • Dena Laghu Udyami Card Scheme
  • Dena Swarozgar Credit Card Scheme
  • Dena Paryavaran Suraksha Yojana
  • Dena Swachchh Gram Yojana
  • Dena Surya Urja Scheme

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