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Countrywide Home Loans Payment

Where do I send my Countrywide home loan payment is what each customer wonders. This is because Countrywide financial corporation has been taken over by Bank of America. This merger has caused all the customers of Countrywide financial to become customers of Bank of America as well. Both the banks now work together as one banking institution and provide a number of banking services. Countrywide home loans payment can be made with the help of their secured website also. This is possible with the help of Internet banking facility which the bank has given to all its customers. Although, the Countrywide's website will redirect you to the BofA's website, but still both the banks work under the same banner Bank of America.

In order to make your Countrywide home loans payment online you will require a unique login and password with the help of which, you will have to sign in to your account. Once you enter the login and id password, your account details will be displayed on the screen. You will get all the required information such as details on savings account, credit card bills and even the dues towards housing loans. You can payoff all them online without the need of visiting the bank. The online payment services are called Pay Plan Services. With the help of pay plan services, you will be able to save on the interest rates and also make reductions on the loan tenure.

The pay plan service has the plan 12, plan 26, plan 24 and plan 52. All the plans are designed according to the needs of the customers. Each plan gives out unique saving feature which is the driving force behind the success of all the plans laid out by the bank. Whether it is a variation in interest rate or a reduction in the loan tenure, the bank has something to offer to each of its customer. Countrywide home loan payment centers are located in almost the entire country. It has payment centers in New York, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Texas etc and also has plans to open home loan payment centers in more and more places. The address of each center is given on their official website. The payment address of the Dallas branch is given below. Each center has a large number of people visiting the branch for a variety of reasons. Such as, payment of home loans, finding out home loan rates etc.

Countrywide Home Loan Payment Address

Countrywide Home Loans
P.O. Box 660694
Dallas, TX 75266-0694

You can also call 1.800.990.6317 to know about the branch nearest to your residential address. In order to know more about the Countrywide home loan payment you can click on the link given below:

http://www.countrywide.com/why_cw/so_epayment.asp .

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