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Countrywide Home Loan Status

After the merger of Countrywide financial corporation with the Bank of America, all the financial transactions have been transferred to the BofA. So, all the customers operate under Bank of America. The home loans applied to Countrywide financial have also been taken over by the BofA. In order to check your Countrywide home loan status, you can either call the bank personally or log on to their official website. Each customer is given a loan number and a password. If you wish to check your home loan status online, all you have to do is enter the loan number and the password on their website. Once you click on the retrieve button, your Countrywide home loan status will flash on the screen.

The loan number given to each housing loan customer is mentioned in the application documents. The customer should not face any problem in locating the loan number, although, even if he/she is unable to find the same, the customer service department would help you in finding it out. Password of the loan number is the last four digits of the customer's social security number. The Countrywide home loan status can also be checked by phone or by visiting an office. To find the bank's nearest branch, you can use the branch locater available at the bank's official website.

Countrywide home loan locations is the same as Bank of America home loan locations. Both the banks deal with home loans of all customers. So you need not worry about anything related to Countrywide home loan status as, the responsibility falls on Bank of America. Right from getting your home loan approved and to get it processed, the BofA plays a crucial role in the same. If you have any problems in finding your home loan status, you can also call up the customer service department. The customer service officials would answer all your queries. You can call them on their phone number 1-866-642-0986.

Countrywide Home Loan Payment Address

In order to make your home loan payment you can visit the branch at the address given below:

2454 Hwy 6 & 50
Grand Junction
Colorado 81501
United States

In order to find out the status of your application form, you can log on to their official website or get relevant information by simply clicking on the link mentioned below:


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