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Cosmos Co-operative Bank Home Loans

Are you in the hunt for a really cheap home loan scheme? Cosmos Co-operative Bank has a range of home loan schemes that can help you realize your dream. Cosmos Co-operative Bank home loans are one of the best housing loan schemes that you will come across in India. The bank has also launched a group housing loan scheme for the customers.

About Cosmos Co-operative Bank home loans

Cosmos Co-operative Bank home loans are also known as Cosmo Home Loans, Cosmo Mortgage Loans or Cosmo Mortgage Loan Schemes. Home loans from Cosmos Co-operative Bank have become popular because of features like minimal documentation, quick approval and speedy processing of loan applications. Given below are the two main types of home loans offered by Cosmos Co-operative Bank:

1) Cosmos Mortgage Loan Scheme

Given below are the salient features of Cosmos Mortgage Loan Scheme:

  • Properties with ages upto 15 years will be taken into account.
  • You can avail a loan amount of upto Rs.25.00 lakhs
  • Both overdraft facility and term loan are available.
  • Interest rate will be charged @12.50% per annum.

2) Cosmo Home Loan Scheme

Cosmo home loans are available for buying a new or resale house/flat or for constructing a house/cottage. You can also use one such loan for taking over home loans from other banks and financial institutions.

Salient features of Cosmos Co-operative Bank Home Loans

Listed below are the salient features of Cosmos Co-operative Bank home loans:

  • Processing fee for Cosmos Bank Home Loan is Rs.1500.
  • Income of other family members will be taken into account for increasing qualified loan amount.
  • Interest is imposed on the daily reducing balance.
  • No prepayment penalty will be imposed if the loan is prepaid from own sources of the borrowers.

Cosmo Credit Loans

Cosmos Co-operative Bank has also launched an innovative loan product which is known as Cosmo Credit Loan. The maximum amount that you can avail as a loan is Rs. 2 lakhs. Interest rate applicable on these loans is 14.50% per annum. Both overdraft and term loan facilities are available for customers.

About Cosmos Co-operative Bank Home Loans Interest Rates

The table given below will help you get an idea about Cosmos Co-operative Bank Home Loans Rates:

Interest on home loans with effect from 15/04/2010 (Floating rates)

Slab (Rs. in Lakhs) Rate of Interest
Rs.1.00 Lac to Rs.10.00 Lacs 9.00%
Rs. 10,00,001/- to Rs.20.00 Lacs 9.50%
Rs.20,00,001/- to Rs.30.00 Lacs 10.00%
Rs.30,00,001/- Onwards 11.50%

Whatever be your need, Cosmos Co-operative Bank can come up with the right loan product to suit your needs. There are loan schemes available with affordable interest rates that will fit your budget.

Home Loan Calculator

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