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Corporation Bank Loans

Are you looking for any innovative financial solution to fulfill your long cherished dreams? Corporation bank loans can help you realize your dreams. These are tailor-made credit products that have been designed to fulfill a range of needs such as purchasing a home, financing a car, financing higher education of your kid and financing a start-up business.

About Corporation Bank Loans

Headquartered in Mangalore, Karnataka, Corporation Bank is one of the biggest public sector commercial banks in India. The bank has launched many credit and loan products to cater to the myriad needs of the customers.

1) Corporation Bank Loans Personal Banking

Corporation Bank has a wide variety of loan schemes that cater to all the requirements of various strata of customers. Corporation Bank loans are available with competitive interest rates and the approval process for the loans is really fast. The personal banking division of Corporation Bank offers the following loan products:

Corp Home - Housing Loan

Ideal financing option for buying a home.

Corp Vyapar

You can go for a Corp Vyapar loan from Corporation Bank to fulfill your short term capital needs.

Corp Site Purchase Loan

You can use this loan to fund the preliminary deposit or application money due to the local development agency for allocation of housing plot/location.

Corp Flexi Home Loan

It is a home loan scheme with progressive monthly installment (PMI) or step-up installment facility.

Corp Vidya - Education Loan

You can avail a Corp Vidya Loan from Corporation Bank to finance the higher education of your child.

Corp Vehicle - Vehicle Loans

You can use a Corp Vehicle Loan from Corporation Bank for purchasing 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers.

Corp Personal

This loan is designed for fulfilling any valid personal or household requirement associated with education, wedding, vacation and healthcare expenses.

CorpShelter - Reverse Mortgage Loan

CorpShelter is a reverse mortgage loan product offered by Corporation Bank which helps seniors get additional cash flow on a continuous basis. They can use this loan for various other purposes.

Corp Consumer- For Consumer goods

You can use this loan for purchasing consumer durables with affordable terms and conditions.

Corp Mitra

The purpose of Corp Mitra is to satisfy household/individual expenditures/emergencies.

Corp Meditech Equipment financing for healthcare professionals

Healthcare industry professionals can avail a Corp Meditech Loan to finance purchasing of healthcare equipments.

Corp Professional

Corp professional is an innovative loan product that professionals can use for acquiring office premises.

Corp Mortgage - Loan against property

You can avail this loan for meeting personal expenditures such as healthcare expenses, wedding and for commercial needs.

Corp IPO Scheme

This loan can be used for financing subscription of IPOs or Initial Public Offers.

Corp Cash Demat - Share Loan

The purpose of this loan is to provide liquidity to stocks or shares in electronic form.

Corp Byte - Computer Loan

Corp Byte is a perfect financing option for purchasing a laptop or desktop computer.

2) Corporation Bank Loans Corporate Banking

Corporation Bank offers a range of corporate banking services which obviously includes loans. The loans are customized for the needs of big business houses and small and medium enterprises. The corporate banking division of Corporation Bank offers the following loan products:

Corp Rental

Institutional or business clients can use this loan for financing future rent receivables from commercial properties.

Working Capital

For financing working capital requirements.

Project Finance

This loan can be used for financing various projects.

Term Finance

Term finance is available for capital investments made by the customers for expanding their present business or setting up a new one.

SME Liquid Plus Scheme

The goal of this scheme is to supply hassle-free, regular and sufficient credit to SME clients.

Gold Card Scheme for Exporters

This scheme has been planned to promote export by offering different credit facilities.

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