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Citibank Home Loans

Citibank home loans are ideal home financing options for borrowers. For the convenience of the borrowers, Citibank offers a comprehensive range of home loan solutions. All the home loans offered by Citibank are available at competitive interest rates and terms.

About Citibank home loans

Citibank home loan products are one of the favorite home loan products in the Indian housing finance market. Citibank home loans are basically mortgage loans and the different types of mortgage loans offered by Citibank are categorized below:

Home loan

This mortgage loan helps you buy a property where the property mortgaged works as the security against the loan.

CitiHome One Loan

This loan product offers you the flexibility to save, borrow, deal, secure and handle your finances with only one loan. The CitiHome One Loan is an innovative home loan that merges the benefits of a usual term loan with a credit line product to offer you the opportunity to save on interest through utilization of your additional funds. Furthermore, you also receive the advantages of a premium bank account to handle your transactions and your means. This works as a one-stop financial solution for all your economic requirements.

Loan Against Property

Citibank offers a loan against property which is also known as Citibank Property Power. You can use your property to look after your business requirements. You can take out a loan against your commercial or residential property to grow your business and for other purposes.

Loan Takeover Plus Enhancement Scheme

Under this scheme, you can switch your high interest mortgage loan taken from any other bank to Citibank with a Citibank Takeover loan. In this way, you can save on interest cost and get a bigger loan amount.

NRI Home Loans

Citibank also offers financing to NRIs (Non-resident Indians) to buy a home in India through its NRI home loans.

Home Credit

This is a unique kind of loan where you can determine the amount of interest you need to pay. This helps you save on interest costs and you can pay off your loan more quickly.

Top up Loans

Now you can get top up loans to get more funds based on your repayment history and the present market value of your property.

Salient benefits offered by Citibank home loans

Given below are the important advantages offered by Citibank home loans:

  • Interest is calculated on the basis of daily reducing balance
  • Easy repayment via Electronic Clearing System (ECS) or Standing Instruction
  • No co-borrowers/guarantors necessary
  • Online accessibility to your home loan account
  • CitiPhone platform to solve all queries that you may have

Attractive features of Citibank home loans

Listed below are the attractive features of Citibank home loans:

  • Home Loan available up to Rs. 7.5 crores
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Home loans available up to 85% of the value of property
  • Flexible repayment terms up to 25 years
  • Flexibility to make interest only payments throughout the tenure of construction

Purpose of Citibank home loans

You can avail a Citibank home loan for any of the following purposes:

  • Purchase of readymade property
  • Purchase of properties under construction
  • Purchase of a plot of land and constructing a house thereon
  • Self construction



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