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Citibank Home loan Interest Rate

Citibank Home loan interest rate Citibank offers a variety of home loan options to cater to the individual needs of the home loan seekers and provides these home finance schemes at fairly low and competitive rates of interest. The bank ensures that you get the best home loan schemes in terms of rate of interest to be paid as compared to that offered by its contemporaries in the market. Citibank Home loans provide easy and cheap modes for repayment to its customers. Acquiring home finance is a financial engagement for a long period of time and considering this fact. The Citibank home loan rates of interest are apparently the best available in the whole housing finance sector.

Citibank Home Loan Rates

Mentioned below are the two types of interest rates offered by Citibank. The customer can choose any of the following rates suiting his/her budget and capacity.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Citibank Home Equity Line of Credit offers home loan options at Variable or fluctuating rates of interest. The rate of interest varies from state to state. The general variable interest rate on Citibank Home loan is as low as prime plus 1.89% (at present 5.14% variable APR). In New York the applicable interest rate is 1.99% (currently 5.24% flexible APR), the variable rate of interest applicable in CA is as low as prime plus 1.79% (currently 5.24% changeable APR) and the same in Florida and Nevada states of USA is as low as Prime plus 2.39% (currently 5.64% variable APR). The applicable variable interest rate in Illinois is as low as prime plus 1.39% (currently 4.64% variable APR).

Home Equity Loan

Citibank Home Equity Loan offers home loans at fixed rate which is as low as 7.99% Annual Percentage rate and the home equity loan fixed interest rate is as low as 8.24% APR in New York and the same in Illinois is as low as 7.74% Annual Percentage rate.

Interest rate is perhaps one of the main factors one is required to keep in mind before he/she goes for taking home loan from any bank/financial institution. The repayment of the home loan acquired largely depends upon the interest rate as its the basis on which the EMI amount to be paid is determined. The interest rate also helps in computing the eligibility for any person to acquire and repay the loan thereafter.

For more on Citibank home loan interest rate log on to the website: www.citibank.com



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