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Citibank Home Loan Eligibility

Citibank Home loan eligibility criterion are required to be met by any home loan applicant. The loan applicant wishing to apply for loan from Citibank has to complete certain eligibility requirements in order to avail the home loan. Citibank specifies certain rules for the home loan applicants as to who can avail the loan schemes offered by the Citibank. Following are the criterion laid down by the bank to avail the Citibank Home Loan schemes:
  1. Profession - People who are salaried employees i.e. they get a fixed compensation for the services offered by them; self-employed customers like doctors, advocates doing their own practice, other businessmen engaged in different legitimate business etc.; sole proprietors; partnership firms, Pvt. Ltd. companies etc. can avail the Citibank home loans.
  2. Location - People seeking home loan from Citibank can buy property in the locations approved by the Citibank.
  3. Age - Age is another important factor to determine whether a person is eligible to avail any loan scheme offered by the Citibank. The principal loan applicant must have acquired an age of 23 years and the co-applicant(if any) must be 21 years old when the loan is sanctioned. The maximum age of the person should not exceed 65 years on the date of maturity of the loan.


The Citibank provides the prospective loan applicant with an online Eligibility calculator where the applicant can compute his/her ability to avail a particular loan scheme from Citibank. One has to mention the following details in order to utilize the Citibank eligibility calculator:
  1. Gross Monthly Income - The loan applicant has to mention the total income one pulls down annually.
  2. Interest - The loan applicant is required to mention the rate of interest at which he/she wants to acquire the loan.
  3. EMIs of Existing loans - One has to mention the amount of monthly installments one is paying off if he/she has availed any other loan(s).
  4. Loan Term - The Loan applicant has to mention the period or the tenure in terms of years he wants to avail loan for.
  5. After one has entered all the requisite details all one is required to do is click the 'Tell Me' button and get the desired result.
You can avail the Citibank EMI calculator at the Citibank Websites: www.citibank.com



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