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Chase Personal Loan Rates

Chase personal loans are offered in order to fulfill all the desired expenses of an individual. Chase bank is USA's leading banks and is the leader in providing a variety of financial services to its customers. The bank offers a variety of loans, right from home loans to student loans and also provides its customers with personal loans suited for their other expenses. Chase personal loan rates are charged at a higher rate of interest than the other loans provided by the bank. This is because the federal government has set rules and regulations within which the bank has to operate.

Chase personal loan rates are offered in two types:
  • Secured loan rates
  • Unsecured loan rate


Secured Personal Loan Rates

You can apply for a Chase personal loan secured loan rate if you are ready to place an asset against the loan availed. This means, that if you opt for a secured loan rate you will have to keep either your house or your car or any other asset against the loan as proof of security. By doing this, the bank is secured of repayment of the loan amount availed by you. Secured loan rates are available at low rates as because of the collateral they ask to keep against your personal loan. Any valuable asset can be kept as a collateral identity before availing the secured personal loan. Secured loan rates start from 6% per annum and depends on the collateral asset, the amount of loan availed and the loan tenure. Each individual is given a different loan rate as the reasons for availing a personal loan differs from individual to individual. Chase bank provides secured loan only for an amount more than $50,000.


Unsecured Personal Loan Rates

Unsecured loan rates are a lot different from Secured loan rates. This is because they do not ask any collateral against the personal loan amount. You need not keep any of your valuable asset such as a house or a car as security. But, the interest rates on unsecured loan is higher than any other loans provided by the bank. Moreover, it is a bit difficult to qualify for this loan rate as the bank scrutinizes each application and provides personal loans only if the applicant has a very good credit. In some cases, the bank provides the loan amount faster only if you have an excellent history. The maximum amount on which Chase bank used to provide unsecured personal loan was $25,000 and the minimum was $1000.

For more information on Chase bank personal loan rates, you can log on to their official website. The link for the same is https://www.chase.com/ .

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