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Catholic Syrian Bank

Catholic Syrian Bank is a private sector bank based in Thrissur, Kerala. The dominant presence of Catholic Syrian Bank is felt in rural regions in India. All the products and services of the bank are designed to offer maximum customer satisfaction. These products and services always keep pace with the evolving market trends.

About Catholic Syrian Bank

Catholic Syrian Bank was founded in 1920. It started its business in 1921 with an authorized capital of Rs. 5 lakhs. The amount of paid up capital at the time of its inception was just Rs. 45,270.

During the early stages, the bank focused only on Kerala. In 1969, the Reserve Bank of India entered Catholic Syrian Bank in the 2nd Schedule. Catholic Syrian Bank received the status of a Scheduled Bank in 1975. At that point, the overall deposits of the bank had surpassed Rs. 25 crores. The forex operations of the bank also began in 1975.

The products and services of Catholic Syrian Bank have been designed to fulfill the diversified requirements of its clients that include road transport operators, small scale industries, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and agriculturists.

Nearly 80% of the branches of Catholic Syrian Bank are based in the rural and semi-urban regions of India.

Currently, Shri.V.P Iswardas is the Managing Director & CEO of The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd. The bank serves its clients with a big network comprising 364 branches. The branches can be categorized into the following types:

  1. NRI Branches
  2. Service Branches
  3. SSI Branches
  4. Industrial Finance Branches

Catholic Syrian Bank also intends to set up more branches in a step by step fashion. The bank always considers the preferences of the customers as a priority.

Products and services of Catholic Syrian Bank

The products and services of Catholic Syrian Bank can be categorized into the following types:


  1. Fixed Deposit
  2. Family Welfare
  3. CSB – Tax Savings Support
  4. Savings Account
  5. Acharya Deposits
  1. DOT Deposit
  2. Cumulative Deposit
  3. CSB Students Support Savings Scheme
  4. Current Account


  1. Gold Loan/Kanakashree
  2. Casy Mithra
  3. Casy Cash Scheme
  4. Educational Loan
  5. Medicash
  6. Tax Payer’s Liquidity Scheme
  7. Own Your Dream House
  1. VIP Car Loan
  2. Car Loan
  3. Agricultural Finance
  4. Personal Loan
  5. Trade & Industry Loans
  6. Electronic Equipments Loan
  7. Loans to doctors and hospitals

International Money Transfer

  1. MoneyGram
  2. Wall Street Instant Cash

NRI Services

  1. NRE Account
  2. NRO Account
  3. RFC Account
  4. FCNR Account
  5. NRI Branches
  1. Investment Opportunities
  2. IBD
  3. Loans
  4. CBA

  1. Simply Life
  2. Classic Life Premier
  3. Children's Dream Plan
  4. Supreme Life
  5. CSB Travel Support Scheme
  6. CSB Health Care Support

Catholic Syrian Bank Contact Details

The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.
CSB Bhavan,
Head Office: P.B No. 502, St. Mary’s College Road,
Thrissur - 680 020, Kerala, India.
Tel: 91-487 - 2333020, 2333277, 2333420, 2333477, 2333493, 2333472, 2333469, 2333445, 2333261, 2338760, 2338759, 2338762, 2321137, 2332186, 2332058, 6451706, 6451708, 6451709.

Fax: 91-487-2333435


Catholic Syrian Bank


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