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Capital One Bank

This is a popular bank holding company in the United States with its business operations spread across banking, home loans, auto loans, credit cards and savings products. This was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris in the year 1988 by spinning off Signet Banking Corporation. In came to the limelight in the early 1990s by pioneering the mass marketing of credit cards. Presently, it is the prestigious member of Fortune 500 and the largest customer of the United States Postal Services.

Products offered by Capital One Bank include credit cards, retail banking, loans and savings. Its operations are concentrated not only to the US territories. It has spread to few international destinations such as Canada, India and the United Kingdom. It is in operation in Canada since 1996. Its head office in this North American country is located at Toronto, Ontario. This is the second largest customer of the Canada Post. Its UK headquarters is located at Nottingham. This financial services company was even active in South Africa, France, Italy and Spain, but it has withdrawn its operations from these countries.

Lines of Business of Capital One Bank

From tailoring credit cards for individual clients, it has continually tested new products in various lines of business. For over a decade, it has achieved double-digit earnings growth rate. Presently, it has become a diversified financial services provider company. Below here we provide brief description about some of the lines of business of Capital One Bank.

Credit Cards

This is where the coveted journey of this bank started. It is still experimenting with tailor-made products based upon the needs and credit history of the customers.

Auto Finance
The auto loans are on offer for both the individual customers as well as for the dealers. Auto finance includes usual loans as well as the refinancing options.
Personal Loans

The personal loans facility offered by Capital One well serves the requirements of the individual customers. These loans are quite flexible and help the consumers to meet their personal goals.

Branch Banking

It has also forayed in to conventional banking business through brick and mortar branches. It operates through nearly 1000 branches, spread across the District of Columbia, Virginia, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana and Connecticut.

Small Business

This financial services company plays a praiseworthy role in the promotion of small business. A large variety of products such as credit cards, designated loans and lines of credit, meet the needs of small business establishments.


Loans are also on offer for various commercial purposes. Services under this head include targeted banking products to money management.


This bank has nearly 1000 bank branches and more than 2000 ATMs in major cities in the United States such as Virginia, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, Delaware, District of Columbia and Connecticut. With the ATM network of this bank, the customers can do banking at any time. The ATMs allow the customers to get cash, request mini statements, deposit cheques, make loan payments, make loan payments and transfer funds. Below here we provide a list of locations where the bank is present.

United States & Canada
  • Riachmond
  • McLean,VA-Headquarters
  • Plano
  • Irving
  • Toronto
  • Tulsa
  • New York
  • Melville
  • Boston
  • New Orleans
  • Overland Park
  • Tampa
  • London, UK
  • Nottingham, UK
  • Bangalore, India

Careers in Capital One Bank

The Capital One always looks for best people with a passion for excellence. The talented people of this company have been instrumental behind its past success. The capable employees of Capital One Bank have given it the required competitive edge. Just the way it develops and grows its products, it adopts same kind of strategy in recruiting people who will make a difference at the bank. The selection process at this company includes the following steps.


If one is willing to make a career at this company, he or she should look for the job, matching his or her profile and apply online. If the company thinks that the skill sets and experience of the candidate match the requirements of the company, they will contact you over phone or through mail after a preliminary round of screening.


This is aimed at assessing the work experience, work style and problem solving & critical thinking ability of the candidate. Depending upon the job you are applying, you have to sit for a series of tests. Generally this is done through online. You may also take this test from your home computer which has an internet connection.


If you have crossed the first two hurdles successfully, then it is the time for interviewing. Different interviewing methods are applied which include work simulations, case interviews and behavioral interviews. The complexity of the questions asked and the length of the interview depend upon position applied for.


At the final stage of the recruitment process, if you can show your credentials, you are recruited in the bank. Upon joining, you can pursue your potential and leverage your talents.

Rewards of the Capital One Bank

The customers are entitled to certain benefits for making purchases with a rewards-type of credit card. The reward amount is accumulated based on the purchases made with the card. Rewards may be in the form of cash back, gift cards, merchandise or travel. Few rewards which are offered by this bank to the customers are listed below.

No Hassle Miles Rewards (Fly Free without the Hassles)

One can fly any time, anywhere.
No seat restrictions are there.
No Hassle Cash Rewards (Cash. Simple and fast.)
-Cash back offer in terms of check or gift card.
-Automatic redemptions.
-For redemption, no minimum amount is required.

No Hassle Points Rewards (Spend to Earn. Redeem to shop)

-The customers can gain points on every purchase.
-Redeem facility for gift or merchandise.
-Redeem facilities can be availed from Starbucks, Macy’s and Amazon.com.

Customer Care Contact Details of Capital One Bank

Below here we provide some important customer care contact details.
  • Customer Service :- 1-800-955-7070
  • TDD :- 1-800-206-7986
  • Outside the US, call collect :- 001-804-934-2001
  • Rewards Center:- 1-800-228-3001
  • Prepaid Card Customer Service :- 1-866-532-9632
  • Online Banking Support:- 1-866-750-0873
  • Fraud Protection :- 1-800-427-9428/1-800-239-7054
  • Apply for a credit card :- 1-800-695-5500

Capital One Bank

Online Banking


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