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Bank of Queensland Home Loans

Bank of Queensland home loans are available for all the BOQ customers who wish to buy a house of their own. This house can be an investment property or a first house of the customer. The BOQ home loans are tailored in a way that it suits the budget and requirement of the home loan borrower. It offers home finance for all, whether it is to occupy a house or to buy a second house. The bank has also kept the repayment of the housing loan availed to be very flexible and convenient. You can now repay the Bank of Queensland home loan either on a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly basis suiting your budget.

BOQ Home Loans

1. Housing loans for the first house
2. Economy home loan
3. Line of Credit home loan
4. Standard variable home loan
5. Bridging finance housing loan

1. Housing loans for the first house: House is the most priced possession of an individual. Owning the same is a life time dream. BOQ makes this dream come true by offering an exciting interest rate on the first house.

2. Economy home loan: Possessing property is like possessing security for a life time. At times it becomes a bit difficult to invest in to property after having done once. The economy home loan provides housing loans at economic rates that does not burden your budget.

3. Line of Credit home loan: This home loan is the most preferred housing loan as it made available in an easy manner. This gives you the chance of drawing credit as often as possible without the need to re-apply.

4. Standard variable home loan: Standard variable home loan provides a mortgage offset facility and also flexibility on redraw and repayment options. This loan is available for a maximum of 30 years and there is no minimum number of years in it.

5. Bridging finance housing loan: The bridging finance housing loan works similar to the Secured Personal Overdraft and provides an opportunity to buy a house before the sale of an existing one. You can also stay in your present home while your new house is being constructed.

Bank of Queensland Home Loan Interest Rates

The interest rates applicable on different home loans are different. Given below is a list of currently applicable rate of interest on home loans availed.

1. Standard variable rate: 6.39%
2. Line of credit facility: 6.64%
3. Economy home loans: 6.39%
4. First house: 6.30%
5. Bridging finance: 6.64%

Bank of Queensland Home Loan Calculator

Bank of Queensland has come out with an important tool called the housing loan calculator. This calculator is not only easy and simple to use but it is also very helpful to the customer as it gives an idea of the estimated repayments. You can use the home loan calculator available on the website of the BOQ. In case there is any problem in using the calculator you can contact the bank directly on their customer care number 1300 55 72 72. This number can be accessed from anywhere within Australia. International customers will have to prefix the country code before dialing.

For more information on Bank of Queensland home loans, interest rates applicable or using the home loan calculator you can log on to the link given below:

http://www.boq.com.au/personal_homeloan.htm .

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