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Bank of Queensland Home Loan Rates

Bank of Queensland gives a number of housing solutions by providing a variety of home loans to its customers at flexible interest rates and repayment options. The different kinds of housing loans provided by the bank are as follows:

1. Home loans to buy a first house
2. Economy home loans
3. Standard variable home loan'
4. Line of credit home loan facility
5. Bridging finance home loan

The above mentioned housing loans fulfill all the housing desires of an individual. The rates at which they are offered are given below:

Bank of Queensland Home Loan Interest Rates

1. Home Loans to buy a first house: 6.39%
2. Line of credit facility: 6.65%
3. Bridging finance: 6.64%
4. Economy home loans: 6.39%
5. Standard variable rate: 6.39%

The maximum amount of loan given to buy a first house is 95% of the entire property value and there is no minimum loan amount. The interest rate is charged 1% per annum below standard variable rate for the first year. It gives an option of repayment by allowing the customer to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. The repayment type can be principal and the interest or interest only for a maximum of five years.

The application fee for economy home loan is $595 and the home loan fee for every month is $10. The maximum amount of home loan repayment is 30 years and there is no minimum amount. BOQ finances 95% of the total property. Its repayment options and the repayment types are the same as given for first time home buyers. The other three home loans such as the standard variable rate, line of credit and bridging finance also apply the same repayment options. The interest rates mentioned here are subject to change without prior notice. It is always better to contact the bank directly for the existing rates.

For more information on the current Bank of Queensland home loan inters rates you can log on to the link given below.

http://www.boq.com.au/todaysrates_homeloans.htm .

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