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Bank of Queensland Home Loan Calculator

Bank of Queensland provides a very efficient tool called the BOQ home loan calculator with the help of which estimated repayments can be calculated easily. It provides two kinds of savings and investment calculators which are the term deposit calculator and the savings calculator. Apart form these two the most used and the most useful calculators are mentioned below:

BOQ Home Loan Calculators

1. Loan repayments calculator
2. Extra repayments calculator
3. Split loan simulator
4. Stamp duty calculator
5. Lump sum repayment calculator
6. Principal and Interest calculator
7. Borrowing power calculator

Lets look at them one by one:

1. Loan repayments calculator: The loan repayments calculator gives an idea of the estimated repayments that will have to be made by the borrower of the home loan. The borrower will have to enter the amount of housing loan he/she wishes to avail and also the rate of interest applicable on the same.

2. Extra repayments calculator: The extra repayments calculator will give an idea of how much of loan will have to paid in case a borrower wishes to make early repayments of an extra amount every month. The bank charges $50 towards every extra repayment.

3. Split loan simulator: This gives the borrower a chance to split his/her home loan in to the principal and the interest amount. The borrower can then pay interest only for an initial five years or can pay both till five years and then split the amount of payment.

4. Stamp duty calculator: The stamp duty calculator is used to calculate all the amount that has to be paid by the borrower on stamp duty and other charges apart from the housing loan.

5. Lump sum repayment calculator: Lump sum repayment calculator works some what like the extra repayment calculator as it tells you your repayments if you wish to make lump sum payments in advance and finish of the loan as soon as possible.
6. Principal and Interest calculator: Principal and interest calculator divides the housing loan in two parts; first is the principal amount and the second is the interest amount.

7. Borrowing power calculator: The Borrowing power calculator gives an estimate of the house loan a person will be eligible for depending on his/her monthly income and expenses.

All the calculators can be used by visiting their official website or clicking on the link given below:

http://www.boq.com.au/calculators.htm .

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