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Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland was established in the year 1874 under the banner of Brisbane Investment Society and was later on converted to a bank. In the year 1942 it became a trading bank with the merger of a number of financial institutions in Queensland in Australia. Today, the bank is one of the largest banks in Australia providing financial assistance to its people. It is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has become a publicly traded company. The bank is committed in providing innovative and responsible banking services to its customers, shareholders, employees and the public at a large. They are pioneers in maintaining corporate social responsibility at the highest levels possible and live up to the expectation of one and all. As part of their corporate social responsibility program they protect the environment they operate in by recycling and energy saving programs. The annual report of the bank speaks highly of the profits made in the current financial year. Read through the article to know more about the Bank of Queensland.

Branches of Bank of Queensland

The BOQ has its head office in Queensland and is spread across Australia in different locations such as Adelaide, Rockhampton, Belmont, Blacktown, Bribie Island, Darwin, Frankston, Gladston, Geraldton, Garden City, Goodna, Gold Coast, Geelong, Hamilton, Hampton, Lismore, Newtown, North Lakes, Parramatta, Queen street, Richmond, Windsor, Robina, Townsville, Stafford, Brisbane bsb, Victoria, Sydney, nsw, Perth, Melbourne etc. In the year 2003, it purchased ATM solutions Australia and sold it for a net profit of $15 million. It has one of the most widespread ATM branches in different locations of the country. As of today, it has around 2500 ATM centers in the whole of Australia. This makes it very easy for the customers of the bank to access money from any part of the country at any time. The first regional branch of the bank was opened in Cairns and Townsville.

Bank of Queensland Internet Banking

Bank of Queensland has provided Internet banking services or the online banking facilities which helps the customer to access and perform their banking transactions from any where at any time at their own convenience. It is also called mobile banking. The transactions which can be performed online are pay bills, make other payments online, apply for accounts, money or fund transfer, get a transaction history, receive bills online and so on. In order to eligible to access your account online, you would require a valid and a unique login id and password. You can logon to their website, login to your account with the sign in id and perform all the financial transactions just by a click. All the transactions performed online are completely safe and secure. There is no chance of your information getting passed to a third party. BOQ provides a security token number to all the customers.

Bank of Queensland Swift Code

Swift code consists of 8 to 11 characters which acts as an identification code and is provided to all the banking institutions operating in the world. With the help of this swift code it becomes very easy to identify and differentiate each bank. It is useful whenever there is a monetary transaction from one bank to the other. The BOQ swift code is QBANAU4BXXX.

Bank of Queensland Term Deposit Rates

BOQ provides term deposits for various needs. With the Premier Investment term deposit program you can choose your own term between 28 days to 5 years anything acceptable to you. It also provides auto roll over facility in order to give the highest returns for you on your deposit amount. The benefit of this term deposit program is that you start of with an investment amount of as little as $1,000. BOQ does not charge any maintained or transaction fee. The Internet banking or the online banking service can be used to check your monthly balance instead of going to the bank personally. The bank also arranges direct payment from your present term deposit account to any other account of another bank. The interest rates for $50,000 to $99,999 is 2.25%, for $1,00,000 to $249,999 is 3.25% and for $2,50,000 and more is 3.50%. The interest rates mentioned here are subject to change on a daily basis. So for the current term deposit rates charged by BOQ you can log on to its official website.

Careers with BOQ

BOQ is one of the fastest growing banks in Queensland and offers a variety of employment opportunities to the citizens of Australia. Interested candidates can either upload their resume on the official website or send it to the bank's concerned department directly. The bank's recruitment program happens twice a year. The current vacant positions available with the bank are for the post of Insurance officer, Marketing service manager, Human resources advisor, Relationship manager, Team leader, Administrative officer, Learning and development consultant, Business analyst and Customer service executive. The bank conducts a round of personal interview before finalizing the candidates. For more on vacancies, careers or recruitment program of the BOQ you can contact the bank directly.

BOQ Credit Cards

Bank of Queensland provides five types of credit cards. They are Low rate visa card, Blue no annual fee visa, Blue visa, Gold visa and Platinum visa credit card. You can apply for a BOQ credit card online. All the online applications are safely to sent to the bank's concerned department. You can also find out about your application status by contacting the bank directly. If you need any further information on credit cards you can call on their number 1300 55 72 72. The customer care executives would try and solve all your queries related to credit cards.

Bank of Queensland Home Loans

Whether you want to invest in a new house or occupy the same, BOQ home loans are the ideal solutions to all the housing loan problems. The bank provides flexibility interest rates as well as repayment options. The bank also provides an important tool called the repayment calculator with the help of which you can calculate the estimated repayments to be made per month. In order to apply for a housing loan, you can either contact the bank directly or fill up an application form available at the bank's website. The home loan specialist will contact you after receiving your application and will explain to you all the different types of home loans and their particular interest rates applicable.

Contact Address
Bank of Queensland
29, Shakespeare Street
Alpha QLD 4724.

For more information on the Bank of Queensland you can visit their official website: http://www.boq.com.au/ .

Bank of Queensland

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