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BNZ Bank of New Zealand

BNZ Bank of New Zealand is the largest bank of New Zealand which was established in the year 1861. The first branch of the bank was opened Dunedin. It offers a wide range of banking and financial services to its customers. The specialty of this bank is that BNZ is the only bank in the country to have a museum of its own. However, in the year 1987, because of the crash in the stock market, the bank suffered severe blows and that is why the government at that time decided to save the bank instead of letting it collapse. Bank of New Zealand is now owned by the NAB National Australia Bank. NAB is one of the largest banks in Australia with a total market capitalization of around $50 million. BNZ head office is in Auckland. BNZ has 30% of its shares in NAB. BNZ has been assisting the rural people, farmers and small scale business since the past 150 years. It has also changed its way of working and has introduced a number of additional products and services right since its inception. All the introductions have been made specially to suit the changing needs of the people of NZ. Today, the BNZ offers flexible options of banking to its customers and promises of innovating a new and an efficient service with the passage of time.

Branches of BNZ Bank of New Zealand

BNZ is headquartered in Auckland in New Zealand. Apart from its center in Auckland it has branches in Canberra, Gladesville, Garden City, Gold Coast, Glenmore Park, Geelong, Hastings, Kawana, Kalamunda, Kingscliff, Kingsford, Liverpool, Miranda, Macquarie centre, Osborne park, Penrith, Victoria, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Palmerston north, Queenstown, Johnsonville, Katherine Mansfield, Nelson, Henderson, Howick, Hornby, Albany and Fiji. All the branches are open even on Saturday. The BNZ bank is spread over 180 locations in New Zealand and also has opened more than 400 ATM branches nationwide. The ATM centers are placed in all prime locations possible such as the NZ airport, shopping arcades, Universities, Offices, etc. In case you want to located the nearest BNZ branch to your residence, you can log on to their website and find the same using the BNZ branch locator.

Online Banking with BNZ

The online banking or the Internet banking service allows all its customers to manage their finances anytime from anywhere. Whether it is to manage your trading account, savings account, investment account, use the currency convector, check the current foreign exchange rates, or pay your credit card bills, check your debit card status or even find out about the various types of home loans, interest rates and term deposit rates given by the bank, everything is possible online. In order to avail all the online services, you can logon to the bank's official website and find out relevant information on the same. In order to activate your online account, all you need is a valid login id and a password. Each customer is given a unique login id with the help of which he/she can sign in to the account and perform the desired banking transactions.

Careers with BNZ

A career with BNZ promises an exciting and a successful future. You can apply to a variety of jobs in BNZ bank as it has something in store for everybody. Right from fresh graduates to professionals, all are eligible to apply for a career with the BNZ bank. However, the bank's officials and recruitment team will be the final decider. The various types of jobs offered by the bank are Banking Advisor, Customer Service Consultant, Business Insurance Specialist, Outbound Banking Advisor and Channel Management Advisor. The positions mentioned here are for Alexandra, Lower Hutt, Dunedin and Auckland. The last date to apply for these vacancies varies from one post to the other. For a detailed view in to the careers with BNZ, you can logon to their official website.

Swift Code of BNZ Bank

Swift Code is a unique code given to all the operating banks in NZ. The swift code differentiates one bank from the other. It is very useful, when you have to transfer funds from one account to the other. It consists of 8 to 11 characters and is approved by the ISO. It is a code of standardization given to all the banks operating in the country. The swift code of BNZ bank is BKNZNZ22. It is also called as the Bank Identifier Code or the BIC used on all telegraphic transfers in order to identify a particular financial enterprise. The banks in the west use routing numbers for the same purpose and banks in Europe and other European countries, they use IBAN number International bank account number. However, New Zealand (NZ) has not yet adopted the IBAN standard. Other codes given out by banks are the ABA number, BSB code, clearing code and so on. On a general basis, only swift code is used by the BNZ bank.

Home Loans by BNZ bank

Home loans offered by the BNZ bank are designed specially to suit the needs and demands of all the customers. In order to apply for a housing loan you can either call the bank official's on their number 0800 269 252. The customer service centers would give you a complete information on all the required details before you apply for a home finance. You can also walk in to any of the BNZ branches in NZ to have a personal meeting with the bank officials. The interest rates at which home loans are provided by the BNZ bank are indeed very affordable. It charges only a minimum of 5.59% as rate of interest on home loans availed. Apart from that, the bank also gives exciting repayment options to its customers; so that the home loans does not become a burden on the borrowers. Moreover, BNZ also provides home loan calculators, which proves to be an essential tool in calculating the monthly installments.

BNZ Calculator

The are various types of calculators which are offered by BNZ bank. Home Buyers can take the help of home loan calculators to calculate their monthly repayments. Insurance calculators, Saving and Investment calculators can be used by repective user to calculate their premiums or term deposits repectively. Apart from this foreign currency exchange calculator is also available at the bank's website.

BNZ Bank Credit Cards

BNZ bank offers Business credit card, Reward credit card, Platinum credit card and Low interest credit card. Apart from the basic four credit cards the bank also offers BNZ classic credit card, All blacks master card, BNZ gold card, Global plus standard, Global plus gold and pure platinum credit card. The customer is free to choose any of the above mentioned credit card for his/her personal uses. In order to apply for the same, you need to fill up an application form available at the bank's branch. You need to be 18 years or older and a New Zealand resident living in New Zealand. You can also fill up the application form online by loggin on to their website. Once the bank receives your request for a credit card, the concerned department will get in touch with you. BNZ Global Plus is a credit card for those who love to travel. There are three categories of yhe credit cards namely: Global Plus, GlobalPlus Gold and GlobalPlus Platinum.

BNZ Bank Customer Service

The BNZ bank's customer service department can be contacted for any information on the various products and services offered by the bank. The bank's customer service number is 0800 788 999. At any time if you feel that the staff of the bank have been unable to solve your problem, you can call on the number mentioned here and explain your problem to the customer service department. The customer service executives would handle your query in a wise manner. They would also give you information on newly launched products and the fees applicable on the same.

Contact Address
PO Box 995,
Shortland Street,
Auckland 1140.

You call the bank personally and speak to the customer service officials on 0800 2400 00. The customer service department is open on all seven days of the week at 24 hours a day. This is specially to assist its customers at any time.

To know more on BNZ bank you can log on to their official website mentioned below:

www.bnz.co.nz .

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