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Bendigo Bank Home Loan Rates

Bendigo Bank offers a variety of home loan products and offers different interest rates on the same. Bendigo bank home loan rates are quite competitive in comparison to the interest rates applied by other banks in Australia. It has merged with the Adelaide bank in order to provide better financial assistance to all the people of the country. Since its merger, both the banks have worked together in the home loan department and tried to give the best possible products and services to all its customers. You can go through the summary of Bendigo Bank home loan rates given below:

The various types of Bendigo bank Home Loan Interest Rates are

  1. Variable rate residential housing
  2. Fixed rate residential housing
  3. Variable rate investment home finance
  4. Fixed rate investment home finance
  5. Bendigo home equity loans
  6. Specialized housing loans

  • Variable rate residential housing: This home loan charges a monthly fee of $8 and an interest rate of 5.90% p.a, whereas, if you pay a rate of interest of 6.10% then the monthly fee is waived off.
  • Fixed rate residential housing: The fixed rates are charged on an yearly basis depending on the number of years you wish to avail the home loan. For one year it charges 6.9% for two years it charges 6.74%, for three years it charges 7.24%, for four and five years it charges 7.79%. All these rates are applicable only after a payment of a monthly fee of $8.
  • Variable rate investment home finance: It charges 5.90% as interest rate on the payment of $8 as monthly fee and 6.10% without any monthly charges.
  • Fixed rate investment home finance: The rate of interest charged on a fixed rate investment home finance is same as that applied to a fixed rate residential housing.
  • Bendigo home equity loans: The bank charges 6.00% as interest rate on the Bendigo home equity loans.
  • Specialized housing loans: There are two types of home loans under this housing scheme. One is the Bendigo historic home loan and the second is the Generation Green home loans. An interest rate of 5.40% is charged on both the housing loans respectively.
For more details on Bendigo bank home loan rates, you can log on to their official website or to the link given below:
http://www.bendigobank.com.au/public/personal/interest_rates_home _loans.asp .

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