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Bendigo Bank Home Loan Calculator

Bendigo bank home loan calculators are very useful in calculating the rate of interest charged on the housing loan amount. The bank gives out four kinds of calculators for calculating the interest rate and the payable EMI. There are the home loan calculators, saving calculators, leasing calculators and insurance calculators. Lets look at them one by one:
  1. Home Loan Calculators

    These calculators determine the loan repayments, lump sum repayments, borrowing power, stamp duty and extra loan repayments. Loan repayments will tell you how much of EMI you will have to repay. Lump sum repayments will tell you how much of rate of interest can be saved because of lump sum repayment. Borrowing power is the maximum amount of loan that you can avail depending on your income and expenses. The cost of stamp duty varies from one state to another but with the help of home loan calculator you can find out the charges of stamp duty in your particular area. Lastly, extra loan repayments would tell you how much of interest and time you can save if you make some extra repayments.

  • Savings Calculator

    With the help of savings plan you get to know how much you can save by keeping regular deposits. Savings calculators are available online. You will only have to fill in your annual income and expenses in order to find out your financial position. It gives you an idea of the maximum amount of savings that can be done after you apply for a home finance. Depending on your expenses you can either cut down the loan amount or increase the number of years.

  • Leasing Calculator

    Leasing calculators are also called equipment finance calculators. It tells you your monthly repayments on fixed term lease.

  • Insurance Calculators

    There are two types of calculators under it. One is the home contents insurance calculator and the second is the home building insurance calculator. The first one helps you to calculate the insurance on the contents used in your house and the second one helps you to calculate the insurance on the house building. To find out more on Bendigo bank home loan calculators, click on the link given below: http://www.bendigobank.com.au/public/personal/calculators.asp

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