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Barclays India Loans

Barclays India loans are one of finest loan products that foreign banks can offer in India. All the loans offered by Barclays come with a host of benefits and features to rightly suit the needs of the borrowers.

About Barclays India loans

Barclays India offers a variety of loan products through its various banking divisions. Given below are the different types of loan products offered by those divisions:

Loans offered by the consumer banking division

The consumer banking division of Barclays India offers the following types of loans:

Dropdown loans

A dropdown loan is a specific type of loan where interest rate goes down while saving increases. This is a unique type of loan launched by Barclays India. With this loan, you can gain from reducing the interest rate for the residual term of the loan by making timely payments of your EMIs. Given below are the most important features of dropdown loans:

  • In case of a dropdown loan, interest rates are lowered by 1% following every 12/24 months on timely repayments of all your EMIs
  • Maximum rate cut of up to 2% is available in this loan program

Business loans

Business loans offered by Barclays India are ideal financing options to grow your business. Business loans are available to the following:

  • Sole proprietorship firms
  • Self employed professionals/individuals
  • Closely held limited companies and private limited companies
  • Partnership firms

Loan against property

If you own a home, you can take a loan against your home. This is known as loan against property. You can use a loan against property offered by Barclays India for the following purposes:

  • Expansion of business
  • Debt consolidation
  • Personal expenses - education, vacation, wedding and so on
  • Working capital financing

Home loans

You can buy your dream home by taking out a home loan from Barclays India. These loans are designed to make the home buying procedure as simple as possible. You can use this loan for buying a readymade property or refinancing your existing loan that you took from any other bank or financial institution.

Loans offered by commercial banking division

The commercial banking division of Barclays India offers the following loan products to meet the various credit requirements of businesses and corporate enterprises:

Distributor financing

This loan can be used to form a satisfied dealer network, grow your sales and restructure working capital management. There are two types of distributor financing: sales financing and invoice discounting. Sales financing involves services like confidential invoice discounting and factoring.

Term loans

Term loans offered by Barclays India help finance enterprise establishments in a simple and quick manner. These are useful options to finance computers, vehicles, equipments or manufacturing plants.

Working capital finance

Working capital finance programs offered by Barclays India are reasonable options to finance the daily operations of your company.

Bill discounting

Bill discounting programs offered by Barclays are useful means to sustain cash flow. It also helps you raise finance on a temporary basis without any difficulties.

Bonds and guarantees

Do you require assistance to show your financial trustworthiness? Barclays is there to help you out. The bonds and guarantees of Barclays India help your business grow by proving your financial trustworthiness and your capacity to fulfill your contractual responsibilities. This allows you to bargain with your suppliers. You can make guarantees for any amount and in fully exchangeable currencies. Given below are the different types of bonds and guarantees offered by Barclays India:

  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Tender guarantee (Bid bond)
  • Retention money guarantee
  • Performance guarantee
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Customs bonds
  • Financial guarantees

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