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Top banks in New Zealand

New Zealand boasts a strong economy and the banking industry of the country is also quite stable. The top banks in New Zealand contribute significantly towards the economic growth of the country.

About Banking Industry in New Zealand

Banking industry in New Zealand is a major component of the economy of the country. The apex bank of New Zealand is The Reserve Bank of New Zealand. It was formed in accordance with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. The governor of The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is Dr. Alan Bollard. The banking industry of New Zealand mostly comprises commercial banks. At present, there are 19 banks registered with the Reserve Bank in New Zealand.

Top banks in New Zealand

Listed below are the top banks in New Zealand:

  1. ASB Bank
  2. ANZ Bank
  3. Bank Direct
  4. BNZ Bank
  5. National Bank
  6. KiwiBank
  7. RaboBank
  8. Westpac
  9. TSB Bank

ASB Bank

ASB Bank is an Australia-based bank carrying out its business in New Zealand. The branches of ASB are located across the country. ASB Bank offers a range of financial products and services. The bank has launched BankDirect which is a branchless banking facility that offers Internet banking, phone banking, ATM services and EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) services to a huge customer base. It is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank.


ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank or ANZ National Bank Limited is the biggest financial services provider in New Zealand. It is a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. ANZ National Bank was founded in 2004 and offers a broad variety of financial services, including asset finance, banking services, payment solutions and investments.


Bank Direct

Bank Direct is a part of the ASB Bank, offering phone banking and Internet banking services in New Zealand. It was founded in 1997. It was the earliest bank in New Zealand to offer branchless banking facilities.


BNZ Bank

BNZ Bank or Bank of New Zealand is one of the biggest banks in New Zealand. It started its journey in Dunedin in 1861. It is currently a part of National Australia Bank (NAB). The bank has a diverse range of banking and financial services to serve its customers.


National Bank

The National Bank of New Zealand is one of the major banking service providers in New Zealand. It is headquartered in Wellington. The bank principally serves personal, rural and small business clients. It is a part of ANZ National Bank Ltd.



Kiwibank Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Post Limited. It was founded in 2002. New Zealand Post offers banking services with Kiwibank. The bank is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.



Rabobank New Zealand is a specialist rural bank providing a wide variety of banking and financial services. Rabobank is a Netherlands-based bank with a global presence. Food and agricultural financing is their main line of business. It is headquartered in Wellington.



Westpac New Zealand is a part of the Australia-based Westpac Banking Corporation, a financial services conglomerate. It was founded in 1861 and is the second biggest bank in New Zealand. The products and services of Westpac can be grouped as business banking, personal banking and agribusiness banking.


TSB Bank

Headquartered in New Plymouth, TSB Bank is a major commercial bank in New Zealand with a countrywide presence. The bank is known for its high level of customer satisfaction.


Banks in New Zealand

ASB Bank Limited

Bank of New Zealand

ANZ Bank

Westpac Banking Corporation

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