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Federal Bank

This is an era of explosive growth in the real estate sector. And ‘organization’ is the keyword in structuring the growth properly. Federal Home Loans provide the ideal structure for the escalation of the housing sector in the economic scale of development.

Federal Home Loans provide low-cost funds to different financial institutions of USA for funding mortgage, rural and small business loans. The three primary components of the Federal Home Loan Banks System are the 12 banks; the Federal Housing Finance Board which controls them and the Office of Finance which acts in connection with the Wall Street. The Federal Home Loan Banks along with their members represent the largest source of home mortgage loans and community credit. The banks of the Federal Home Loans System are owned by several financial institutions from all over 50 states. These owners and members holds equity in the FHLBs and these equities are not publicly traded. To become a member of FHLB the financial institutions have to purchase stocks and they receive dividends based on their stock ownerships. Federal Home Loans are exempted from state and local income taxes but not from property taxes. The 12 Federal Home Loan Banks are
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka
If you travel back to the history of establishment of Federal Home Loan Banks System we have to stop at the time of Great Depression. Because at this time, in 1932, FHLB System was established after the Congress passed the Federal Home Loan bank Act. The primary objective of Federal Home Loans was to provide funds to financial institutions so that they can provide affordable mortgages.

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FHL Banks
This official website provides detailed information on banks providing Federal Home Loans, products and news.
Federal Home Loan banks
This wikipedia page provides comprehensive information on the structure, system, history, mechanism and loans offered by Federal Home Loan Banks.
FHL Bank Atlanta
This website contains detailed information of structure and services of Federal home Loan Bank of Atlanta.
FHLB Boston
This website contains thorough information on the products and services provided by Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston to its member institutions.

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