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Bankwest Home Loan Rates

Bankwest home loan rates vary from the different types of home loan packages opted for. They provide a variety of housing loan schemes suiting different individuals. They have home finance programs for first time home buyers, for a next home buyer, for people who want to invest in property, home loans for renovation purposes and refinance home loan in order to refinance an existing housing loan availed from another banking institution. The rates depend on the amount, the type of home loan and the loan tenure.

Lets look at the Bankwest home loan interest rates


1. Bankwest Tracker Ultra Home Loan Rate: 4.87% p.a
2. Bankwest Capped home loan rate: 5.40% p.a
3. Bankwest premium home loan rate: 5.10% p.a
4. Bankwest Tracker home loan rate: 4.77% p.a
5. Bankwest equity access: 5.68% p.a
6. Bankwest home loan life: 5.58% p.a
7. Bankwest home loan life plus: 5.48% p.a
8. Bankwest low doc home loan rate: 5.70% p.a
9. Mortgage shredder: 5.70% p.a
10. Mortgage shredder fixed rate: 5.99% p.a

Fixed home loan rates are as follows:

1. Fixed Housing Loan for 1 Year 5.99% p.a
2. Fixed Housing Loan for 2 Years 6.74% p.a
3. Fixed Housing Loan for 3 Years 7.14% p.a
4. Fixed Housing Loan for 4 Years 7.59% p.a
5. Fixed Housing Loan for 5 Years 7.79% p.a

All the rates mentioned here are subject to change without any prior notice. To know more about Bankwest home loan rates, you can log on to the link given below: You can also call 13 17 18 and find out about the interest rates applicable on your home finance: http://www.bankwest.com.au/Rates/Home_Loans/index.aspx

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