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Bankwest Home Loan Calculator

Bankwest home loan calculator is a very useful tool provided by the bank. With the help of the home loan calculator, you can find out the estimated payment you will have to make after you avail the housing loan. This calculator is very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the estimated amount of home loan you will be acquiring from the bank, the rate of interest you wish to choose and the period of repayment in months. The bank offers, the following calculators:

Bankwest Home Loan Repayment Calculators

1. Borrowing power calculator
2. Home loan repayment calculator
3. Extra Payment calculator

1. Borrowing Power Calculator: With the help of borrowing power calculator, you can estimate your borrowing power and come to know how much of amount will be spent on repaying the home loan every month. If you feel that the amount is a bit too high, you can either decrease the amount, increase the rate of interest or increase the loan term (repayment time).

2. Home Loan Repayment Calculator: With the help of home loan repayment calculator, you get a rough idea of the repayments that you will have to make after availing the home finance. You can again, increase or decrease the repayment plan suiting your budget. You have to keep your income and expenses in mind before availing the housing loan.

3. Extra Payment Calculator: This extra payment calculator gives you a clear picture of savings on the rate of interest if you opt for an extra payment of the loan. Extra payment of the loan means, instead of paying a fixed amount every month, you will have to pay a little more. This will not only save your money on the interest rates applicable but will also reduce the loan term. You will be able to pay off your home loans at a faster rate.

The rate mentioned in the home loan calculator is subject to change without prior notice. In order to know the current rates applicable, you can either call the Bankwest home loan specialists at 13 17 18 or can log on to the link mentioned below:


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