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Bank of Rajasthan Home Loans

Are you thinking about securing a home loan to purchase your dream home? Bank of Rajasthan can make your dream come true. Bank of Rajasthan home loans are ideal home financing options for people who want to buy a home for the first time.

About Bank of Rajasthan home loans

Bank of Rajasthan offers home loans through its personal banking division. The housing finance schemes launched by Bank of Rajasthan are also known as Apna Ghar Schemes. Bank of Rajasthan housing loans are available for building/buying a new house or extending/renovating an existing residence. How much one can borrow as a loan is dependent on the repayment ability of the borrower. Borrowers can qualify for the loans individually or jointly. Given below are the most important features of the Apna Ghar Scheme:

Eligibility criteria for Bank of Rajasthan home loans

Any individual/group of individuals, self–employed/salaried/retired/business class jointly with working son or spouse having a steady source of income and ability to make timely payments of proposed housing loan is eligible.

Purpose for borrowing Bank of Rajasthan home loans

You can borrow a Bank of Rajasthan home loan for any of the following purposes:

  • Buying a ready made home/flat or buying a plot of land and building a house thereon
  • Take over/switching of loan. (Take over of loans obtained from other financial institutions)
  • Revamp and maintenance

Amount of loan

  • For buying a ready made house/flat or buying a plot of land and building a house thereon:- maximum loan amount is Rs.100.00 lakhs.
  • For maintenance and revamp - maximum loan amount is Rs.10.00 lakhs.


  • Margin of 20% for a home loan amount of up to Rs.20.00 lakhs
  • Margin of 25% for a home loan amount of more than Rs.20.00 lakhs

Repayment term of Bank of Rajasthan home loans

  • Maximum repayment term is 20 years for buying/constructing a flat/house/dwelling unit which includes moratorium period.
  • Maximum repayment term for loans secured for maintenance and revamp work is 9 years.

Security for Apna Ghar Scheme

  • Equitable mortgage of property to be bought with the loan.
  • Original Bappi Patta together with fee deposit acknowledgment at Gram Panchayat will be good enough to work as security for the loan

Processing Charges

  • For a loan amount of up to Rs. 2.00 lakhs - 0.50% of approved loan amount
  • For a loan amount of more than Rs. 2.00 lakhs - 1.00% of approved loan amount.

Foreclosure Charges/Prepayment Penalties

Bank of Rajasthan charges 2% of amount prepaid as prepayment penalty at the time of untimely closure of account. Nevertheless, prepayment of up to 6 installments will not be subject to foreclosure/prepayment penalties. Otherwise stated, if account is closed in advance when not over 6 installments are due, then the foreclosure penalties will not be imposed.

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