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Bank Of India Home Loan Calculator

Bank Of India EMI calculator is a facile way for a home loan seeker to discover the EMI amount they would be paying for availing the home loan scheme. Bank Of India offers feasible technical assistance to its customers to serve their purpose to ascertain the amount of interest they might have to cough up in order to avail a particular home loan scheme from the bank. Thus, making the whole work of figuring out the amount of EMI they would have to pay easy and hassle free as it also helps them to find out about their capacity to avail and thereby repay a particular loan amount. The EMI calculator basically gives you an idea and an outline of the breakdown amidst the principal loan amount and the mortgage rate of interest.

Using the Bank of India Home Loan Calculator

The bank provides this EMI calculator on its website and its usage is absolutely free of cost and one doesn't require any sort of expertise to use this calculator. All one has to do is enter - the amount of loan one requires, the loan tenure (in terms of number of years) and lastly the rate of interest one opts for and then click on the calculate button and the computed amount of the EMI comes to the fore. The loan applicant can analyze the EMI amount for different loan tenures at different rates of interest and select the best home loan option using this tool. EMI calculator is a key tool considering the regular fluctuations in the home loan market.

Bank of India Home Loan Eligibility

Bank of India sets certin eligibility criterion on which it provides housing loans to people. Some of them are mentioned below: 1. Applicant must be more than 21 years of age
2. Must have a steady income for the past three years
3. Must give all proof of monthly income and expenses
4. Bank statements Financial statements, Income proof, must be given
5. Applicant must not be older than 60 years of age

Log onto the bank's website for the EMI calculator: www.bankofindia.com

Home Loan Calculator

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