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Bank of Baroda Loans

Bank of Baroda India Loans are some of the preferred loan products among the consumers in India. Bank of Baroda offers a host of credit products to fulfill the myriad needs of both individual and institutional clients.

About Bank of Baroda India Loans

Bank of Baroda presently holds the position of the third biggest bank in India. The bank is also one of the largest public sector commercial banks in India. The bank provides a comprehensive variety of loans and other products and services to a huge clientele in India. It is publicized as India’s International Bank because of its presence in 24 nations abroad. The bank offers its loan and credit products by way of a number of delivery channels and affiliates. The details given below will give you a better idea about the different types of Bank of Baroda India Loans:

Personal banking

The personal banking division of Bank of Baroda offers the following types of loans:

  • Home Loan
  • Home Loans to NRIs/PIOs
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Loan Against Future Rent Receivables
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Advance Against Securities
  • Education Loan
  • Baroda Career Development Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Loan to Doctors
  • Traders Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Baroda Ashray (Reverse Mortgage Loan)
  • Loan for financing individuals for subscribing to IPO/Public Issues

Business banking

The business banking division of Bank of Baroda India offers the following types of loans:

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Term Finance
  • Trade Finance/Traders Loan
  • Baroda SME Loan Pack
  • SSI (Small Scale Industries) Financing
  • Small Business Borrowers

Corporate banking

The corporate banking division of Bank of Baroda offers the following loan products:
  • Line of Credit
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Bill Finance
  • Export Finance
  • Sub-PLR Finance
  • MIBOR Linked Finance
  • Bridge Loans
  • FCNR(B) Loans
  • Loan Against Rent Receivables
  • Advance Against Shares
  • Short Term Corporate Loan
  • Term Finance
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Non Fund Based Services
  • Takeover of Accounts

International banking

Given below are the loan products offered by the international banking division of Bank of Baroda:

  • Export Finance (Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment Rupee Export Credit and Export Bill Rediscounting)
  • FGN Currency Credits (Foreign Currency Loans In India or FCNR ‘B’ Loans and Foreign Currency Credit outside India)
  • External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)
  • Import Finance (Collection of import bills, letters of credit and bank guarantees)

NRI Banking

The NRI banking division of Bank of Baroda offers a host of loan products which includes the following:

  • Overdrafts/Loans Against Security of Non-Resident (Rupee) Fixed Deposits
  • Housing Loans to NRIs/PIOs
  • Loan Against FCNR (B) Deposits in Foreign Currency in India
  • Loans Against FCNR (B) Deposits in Rupees

Rural banking

The rural banking division of Bank of Baroda has the following array of loan products offered as priority sector advances:

  • Small Scale Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Retail Loan
  • Small Business
  • Baroda General Credit Card Scheme (BGCC)
  • Government Sponsored Schemes

Bank of Baroda


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