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Bank of America Home Loan Status

Bank of America home loan products are designed in a way to suit the requirements of a borrower. It keeps in mind the borrowing capacity based on the monthly income and expenses of the borrower. If you are still confused about the right kind of home loan fitting in to your budget, you can simply call the BofA customer service department who will answer all your doubts. Bank of America home loan is given after you complete all the required formalities of the bank. You will have to fill up a home loan application form in order to qualify for a housing loan. This application form must be filled in by the applicant and he/she must make sure that all the information given holds to be true to his knowledge. Once the application form is accepted by the bank you will be eligible for the Bank of America home finance.

Status of Bank of America Home Loan

Bank of America home loan status means the status of your application form. Once you submit the application form to the bank, it would take around one or two days for the bank to get back to you. You can find out about the status of your form by calling up on their customer service number 1.800.669.6607. Each home loan borrower is given a unique home loan number. You can refer to the home loan number given to you by the bank. This number is either a nine digit number or a 10 digit number. If you are unable to find your home loan number the executive would help you find the same.

You can also find out about Bank of America home loan status online. For that, you would have to log on to the website of BofA, enter your home loan number. The status of your application form would be shown on the computer screen. Depending on that, you may then talk to the customer service department. The bank has all the right to reject a home loan to an applicant. However, it would take such an action only if the bank feels that the information mentioned is doubtful.

To find out more on your Bank of America home loan status log on to the link:
https://www6.bankofamerica.com/loans/process.action .

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