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Bank of America Home Loan Rates

Bank of America offers home loans to its customers at different interest rates. The customers are thus free to choose any kind of rate of interest choosing their budget and requirements. The housing loans offered by BofA are Fixed rate home loans, Adjustable rate home loans, Interest only home finance, Fixed rate interest only home finance and Adjustable rate interest only home finance. Whether you are thinking to buy a new house or invest in to a second house, Bank of America stands by your side in your investment by providing home finance to you. It also provides home loans for refinancing your house. The bank's customer service department would tell you everything you need to know about the home loan process.

Bank of America Home Loan Interest Rates

Buying a house is the most crucial and exciting decisions of an individual. It involves a lot of planning and thinking before applying for a loan. You must be confident of its repayments keeping in mind your monthly income and future expenses. Bank of America charges 7% as part of interest for a loan amount of $2,00,000 for a period of 30 years. The maximum interest rate charged is 12% on Adjustable rate home loans. However, the home loan rates mentioned here are subject to change without any prior notice. Therefore, to find out the exact interest rate on your housing loan you would have to contact the bank at their toll free number 1.888.293.0264 or log on to their official website. In order to get your loan processed you will have to keep all the documents ready. The bank has all the right to reject a particular loan if it finds that the documents are not up to the mark.

Bank of America also offers home loans to furnish or renovate your house. It gives 90% of the present price of the property which has an easy pay back option also.

To know more on Bank of America home loan rates log on to the link given below: http://www.bankofamerica.com/loansandhomes/index.cfm?template=learning_center .

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