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Axis Bank Home Loan Calculator

Axis Bank Home Loan Calculator provided on the Axis Bank website helps the home loan seeker ascertain the amount of Equated Monthly Installment the individual will have to pay off to the bank. EMI amount includes both the interest as well as the principal amount. EMI Calculator is one of the most significant online tool made available to the home loan customers by most of the commercial home loan lending banks and financial institutions on their respective websites. The home loan EMI calculator enables the home loan seeker to check out the prospective amount of EMI he will have to cough up every month during the entire home loan tenure.

Axis Bank Home Loan EMI calculator Answers

How much amount of money can one borrow as part of the home loan?

The home loan EMI calculator plays a significant role in helping out the home loan seeker to find out the amount of home loan he can potentially borrow.

What is the ideal interest rate scheme(floating/fixed rate of interest) for an individual looking for a suitable home loan scheme?

EMI calculator also helps the home loan seeker come to a conclusion as to what type of interest rate scheme he/she should opt for in order to make the repayment of the home loan.

How much would be the amount of monthly payment one has to cough up for a particular home loan scheme?

This is probably the most annoying question a home loan seeker comes across. The home loan EMI calculator helps find a solution to this question by computing the amount of EMI the individual will have to dole out to repay the home loan acquired.

Following are some of the details a home loan seeker is required to mention in order to utilize the services of the EMI calculator:

Loan Amount Required - The home loan applicant has to enter the amount of home loan he/she intends to borrow.

Home loan tenure - The home loan seeker has to enter the duration or the period in terms of years, for which he wants to acquire the home loan.

Interest Rate - The home loan borrower has to choose an interest rate option for the repayment of home loan acquired. The interest rate options offered by Axis Bank are - Fixed rate of interest and Floating rate of interest. The individual can acquire the information on the latest home loan interest rate on the website of the bank.

Axis Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Apart from the regular EMI calculator the bank also provides eligibility calculator which, helps a customer to see if he/she is eligible to avail a housing loan or not. The bank sets certain eligibility crieterion which has to be followed by the applicant. For example, the home loan appliant must be atleast 21 years of age and must have a steady and a stable income for more than 3 years. You can either be a self employed individual or employed in any organization of repute. For more eligibility criterion you can contact the bank directly.

For more on Axis Bank Home Loan EMI calculator you can log on to the Axis Bank website: http://www.axisbank.com/

Home Loan Calculator

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