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Aussie Home Loans Credit Cards

With the special feature of Aussie home loans credit cards, this financial institution allows you to pay your home loans through Aussie credit cards. If we have a look at the other average credit card charges, charged by other financial enterprises in Australia, we would notice that around 16% of interest is charged on the usage of credit cards by other banks. But the Aussie charges only a 9% of interest on the credit card used for the first year. Later on, this rate increases to 11% which still makes it affordable by most of the people in Australia.

Features of Aussie home loan credit cards

  1. Free interest rates on credit purchases up to 55 days
  2. Balance transfers of 4.9% for the first year
  3. Annual fee of only $49 is charged which is easily affordable by most of the people
  4. You can access your account at any time from anywhere to keep a track of all the banking transactions made
  5. Aussie credit card online department also offers protection against any kind of fraud activities
Making good use of an owned credit card is what most of us do. These days, almost all the banks and financial institutions provide different kinds of home finance schemes. Living up to the expectations of its customers is what each bank aims for. That is why, the Aussie group has come out with an innovative plan of paying the home loans also with the help of credit cards. The process is as simple as paying any other shopping bill. All you have to do is log on to your account with the help of a unique and valid login id and password in to your online account. You will then get all details of your account. For any queries regarding the online working of the home loans credit card scheme you can contact the bank directly. The customer service department will also help you out in case you are stuck during your online journey with the bank.

For more information on the home loan credit cards log on to the link given below: http://www.aussie.com.au/credit-card/benefits/card.htm


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