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Aussie Home Loan Calculator

Aussie Home Loans provides as many as 7 online calculators for different purposes consequently offering all possible assistance to the home loan seekers and attracting the potential home loan borrowers. The online home loan calculator is perhaps the most beneficial and useful tool offered to the home loan seekers which enables them to ascertain as to which is the most suitable home loan scheme for them. The home loan calculator only provides you with an estimated amount and not the exact results. Different Aussie Home Loans Calculators with their utilities are discussed below briefly:

Aussie Home Loans Borrowing Power Calculator

This particular calculator helps you get an estimate of amount of home loan you can afford to borrow on the basis of the individual's monthly emoluments, expenses on different things and the interest rate applicable on that home loan scheme. The 'borrowing power calculator' as the name suggests helps to find out about your capacity to borrow home loan for a certain amount. If you do not get the desired results then you can change the 'Loan Details' and get an idea if a longer loan term or low interest rate might boost your borrowing capacity. Following are certain key details an individual has to enter to be able to utilize this calculator effectively:

1.Income Details - The individual is required to enter the amount of net monthly salary and other net income(if any) and in case it is a joint home loan application both the individuals are required to enter the amount of their net salary. The number of dependents in the family are also to be mentioned.

2.Expense Details - The home loan seeker has to enter the details of the annual expenditure incurred including the monthly car loan repayment amount, an average amount of monthly credit card repayments and other payments(if any).

3.Home Loan details - The next step is feed in certain details of the home loan scheme you wish to avail - interest rate on the home loan, loan term and the interest buffer.

Aussie Home Loan Repayments Calculator

This is a basic home loan repayment calculator used to get an estimate amount of monthly installments a home loan borrower will have to shell out in order to repay the home loan borrowed. Following are certain details an individual has to enter to utilize the services of this calculator:

(1)Loan Amount - The individual has to enter the amount of home loan one wishes to borrow. In order to ascertain the amount of loan one should borrow you can refer to the 'borrowing power calculator'.

(2)Interest Rate - The individual is required to select the rate at which he wants to make the home loan repayments to settle the home loan account.

(3)Loan Term - The home loan seeker is required to enter the period for which he wants to avail the loan in terms of years.

Aussie Home Loans Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty or the stamp tax collected during the purchase of a property adds a substantial amount to the cost of the property. It varies from state to state as some states impose it on the loan as well as on the monetary value of the property purchased. The amount to be paid as part of the stamp duty basically depends up the following details:

a)Your resident state/territory.
b)The cost price of the property you wish to purchase.
c)The amount of home loan sought.
d)Whether property is being purchased for residing purpose or just for the purpose of investment.
e)Whether or not you are the first home buyer.

Aussie Split Home Loan Calculator

Aussie Home Loans provide you with the facility to split your home loan thereby fixing the interest and home loan repayments on one part of your loan and letting the rate of interest and amount of repayment vacillate according to the movements in the home loan market. To get desired results use this calculator to get an estimate of your repayments for different fixed rates and variable rates home loans. Following are the details you got to enter to use this calculator:

  • Loan Amount - Firstly, the individual is required to enter the amount of home loan he is seeking.
  • Fixed Portion - The individual has to set a percentage of loan he/she wants to fix.
  • Fixed Period - The home loan seeker has to fix a certain period of loan he wishes to fix.
  • Fixed Interest Rate - Depending upon the home loan scheme availed the individual has to select a fixed rate of interest on that scheme.
  • Variable Interest Rate - The individual has to select a variable rate of interest applicable on that home loan scheme.
  • Loan Term - The home loan seeker has to enter the period for which he wants to avail the loan.
  • Repayment Frequency - The person seeking home loan has to select the frequency at which he wants to make repayments it can be monthly/fortnightly/weekly.

    Aussie Home Loans Extra Repayments Calculator

    This home loan calculator basically displays the effect of additional repayments made towards the home loan settlement. In fact, repaying a little extra amount might go a long way in making the home loan scheme fruitful and beneficial as the loan borrower ends up saving both time and money on making the extra repayments at regular intervals. Following are the relevant details one is required to enter to make use of this home loan calculator:

  • Loan Amount - The amount of home loan the person wants to borrow.
  • Interest Rate - The rate of interest at which the home loan seeker wants to make repayments.
  • Loan Term - The period or the term for which the individual wishes to borrow home loan for in terms of years.
  • Repayment Frequency - The frequency or the interval at which the individual wants to make repayments monthly/fortnightly/weekly.
  • Extra Contribution Per Payment - The amount of extra repayment person wishes to cough up.
  • Extra Contribution Starts After - The period in terms of years after which the person wants to commence making extra contribution.

    Aussie Lump Sum Repayments Calculator

    In case you have somehow managed to get extra cash or may be a bonus amount or something from work, you can make use of that lump sum amount by saving a huge amount of money over a period of time. You have to fill in the following fields to effectively utilize this calculator:

    (a)Loan Amount - The amount of loan an individual wants to borrow.
    (b)Interest Rate - The rate at which one wishes to make repayments towards the home loan.
    (c)Loan Term - The period for which one wants to avail the home loan in terms of years.
    (d)Repayment Frequency - The regular interval at which one wants to make loan repayments monthly/fortnightly/weekly.
    (e)Lump Sum Amount - The lump sum amount of repayment one wishes to make.
    (f)Lump Sum Payment Made After - The period after which the individual wants to make a lump sum amount of payment in terms of years.

    Aussie Home Loan Mortgage Calculator and Principal Tracker

    Using this calculator you can keep a track of regular reduction of the principal home loan amount during the loan term. This way you can ascertain how much of your monthly repayment amount could be used to settle the original loan borrowed and how much amount goes as part of the interest. You can also make certain amount of extra repayments each month and see both the interest and the loan term reduce. Following are the details you are required to mention:

    i.Loan Amount - The amount of loan you are seeking.
    ii.Interest Rate - The interest rate at which you want to make repayments.
    iii.Extra Payments per month - The amount of extra payment you wish to make on a monthly basis.
    iv.Number Of Years - This marks the loan tenure or the period for which you want to avail home loan.

    All of these above mentioned home loan calculators are available on Aussie official website. These online calculators give an estimate and not the exact version. For more on Aussie home loan calculators and other information you can either get in touch with Aussie mortgage brokers on their customer care number 1300 44 55 66 or log on to: www.aussie.com.au/home-loan/calculators/borrowing-calculator.htm
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