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ASB Home Loans

ASB bank provides six different types of home loans to its customers. This makes the customer choose from a wide range of options made available. The different home loans provided by the bank are:
  1. Orbit home loan
  2. Orbit fast track housing loan
  3. Table home loan
  4. Reducing home finance
  5. Interest only home loans
  6. Split facility
The ASB home loan officials personally visit the customers at a mutually decided time at a mutually decided place on all seven days of the week. The specialist then offers the best housing loan looking at the borrower's monthly income, expenses and repayment capacity. You can also send in an inquiry to the bank which will be replied in a matter of 24 hours. Lets look the home loans one by one:

1. Orbit home loan: The orbit home loan combines the cheque, savings and home finance amount in one package which is easy to manage. It reduces the total debt as it directs all your income in to one account. You can perform unlimited banking transactions with a fee of $12 per month.

2. Orbit Fast track housing loan: The working of the Orbit fast track is same as the orbit home loan but the only difference is that the credit limits reduce over time and assists you in paying off your debts at a faster rate.

3. Table home loan: The repayments which you have to make on the home loan, remains the throughout the loan term. You will only notice a change if you wish to switch over from a floating rate of interest to fixed interest rates.

4. Reducing home finance: Reducing home finance will want you to pay more at the initial stage of the loan thus reducing the interest rates and the repayments later.

5. Interest only home loans: The repayments that you make with the help of interest only home loan will help you to only repay the interest rate and not the loan amount. This is applicable only for temporary situations such as buying a house before selling an existing one.

6. Split facility: Split facility lets you to innovate a new housing loan for yourself. You can do this by making a combination of home loan and applying it yourself. You can choose the different interest rates options available.

ASB Home Loan Rates

ASB home loan interest rates are charged at the lowest rates possible. The customer is given an option of choosing either a fixed rate of interest or a floating interest rate depending on the capacity of the customer. The floating rate of interest is charged at 5.75% per annum and a fixed rate of interest is charged at 6.00% per annum. The loan borrower can also shift from one rate of interest to the another. The bank also has the facility of early repayment if the customer wishes to pay off his/her loan at a faster rate. You will only have to break the fixed interest rate agreement and opt for an early repayment option.

ASB Home Loan Center

ASB home loan centers are present in the following locations:
  • Lubbock TX
  • Auckland
  • Albany
  • Nelson
  • Dunedin
  • Christchurch
  • Johnsonville
  • Wellington
  • Royal Oak
  • Queenstown
Apart from the above mentioned home loan types, you can call the bank at their number 0800 100 600 to ask for more details on the same. The bank's customer service department would assist you in everything you require.

ASB Home Loan Calculator

The bank also provides a home loan calculator which is very useful for calculating the estimated repayments. This calculator is available online at their official website. This calculator is not only easy to use but is very useful in determining the estimated repayments a customer will have to make after availing a home loan. The calculators come very handy as it helps a borrower to calculate the estimated repayments. This gives them an idea of the amount of money they would have to pay back to the bank as loan repayment every month.

You can also log on to the link given below for more information on ASB bank home loans.
https://www.asb.co.nz/Personal/Home-Loans/Types-of-home-loans .

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