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ASB Home Loan Rates

ASB home loan interest rates are charged differently. This means, the bank gives its customers a wide range of repayment options to choose from. There are four types of interest rates offered by the bank. Lets look at them one by one.

  1. Variable ate of interest
  2. Fixed interest rate
  3. Current interest rate
  4. Early repayment adjustment


Variable rate of interest:

The variable rate of interest does not charge anything extra on lump sum payment or early payments made by the customer. Moreover, it gives the customer a flexibility in repaying his/her loan by either increasing or decreasing it any time. The best of the variable interest rate is that you can finish off the entire loan amount by paying it one single shot, thus avoiding the burden of the loan on your future life.



Fixed interest rate


The fixed interest rate remains the same till a particular chosen period. This period is chosen by the customer. The period can range anywhere between 6 months to 5 years. You can pay a maximum lump sum payment of $10,000 on which a penalty fee will also be charged. You can shift from a fixed interest rate to a variable rate any time you wish to do so.


Current interest rates


The current interest rates chosen by the customer can either be a fixed rate of interest or a floating interest rate. The floating rate currently is charge at 5.75% per annum and the fixed for up to a period of one year is charged at 6.00% per annum. The fixed rate increases as the number of years also increase.


Early repayment adjustment


If you want to pay back the home loan amount at a faster rate then you can do so by repaying the same earlier. For the bank might ask you to break the fixed rate of interest agreement and opt for an early repayment adjustment.

You can call the bank on their number 0800 100 600 to know more on all the existing rates. For more information on ASB Bank home loan rates, you can also log on to the link given below:


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