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ANZ - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

ANZ or Australia and New Zealand Banking Group is Australia's fourth largest and New Zealand's largest bank and has a 170 years of vast experience of catering to different banking and financial needs of the individuals. Along with Australia and Newzealand the bank also marks its presence as a leading commercial bank in 26 significant centers in Asia Pacific region. The bank has a support of over 6 million customers and provides a host of banking and finance related products and services on the basis of individual profile of the customers. The bank serves retail as well as corporate customers and also offers lucrative schemes for small business owners. The strength of the staff of the bank throughout the world is around 35,000. The bank has a goal to expand its operations in Asia Pacific sphere together with special focus on both Australia And New Zealand. ANZ head office is located in Melbourne city of Australia. The bank lays emphasis upon offering top-notch banking services by providing convenient, simple and easy facilities to the customers in order to expand its customer base globally.

ANZ's banking operations in Australia make up the major part of its overall business. In New Zealand ANZ is known as ANZ National bank Limited and operates as two different brands - ANZ and National Bank Of New Zealand.

ANZ Branches


Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited has a vast network of branches spread throughout different national and international centers with a view to provide banking services to the customers and to make sure that ANZ is easily accessible to its customers. The bank is on a spree of expanding its functions and is opening branches all across Australia, New Zealand and in varied locations of Asia Pacific. ANZ provides an online multilingual branch locator on its website thereby enabling its customers to search for their nearest ANZ branch without fretting much. The ANZ online locator can help you locate ANZ ATMs, BSB, Night Safe and the ANZ business center. The basic ANZ opening hours are 9:30 am to 4 pm on weekdays and on Friday the working hours of the ANZ branches are from 9:30am to 5pm. Various ANZ Bank branches have different timings and prolonged trading hours, you can acquire further details either on phone or by logging on ANZ website.

ANZ Banking


ANZ offers umpteen choices as far as its banking and financial products and services are concerned. ANZ also provides the facility of transferring your account or switching over your account from any other bank to ANZ Bank. Some of the banking products & services offered by ANZ are as follows: Account - ANZ provides different account facilities depending upon the individual's need based requirements:

ANZ Online saver - This type of account facility is suitable for customers who want to access their bank account on the move. The online saver account comes along with utilities like - no minimum balance requirement, no monthly charges as part of account service fee, interest at competitory rates etc.

SmartyPig Account - An easy way to set money aside for later use and also get lucrative hike in retail value. SmartyPig account can be utilized to save money for any purpose be it to purchase a car, to go on a luxury outing with family or to shop for something.

ANZ Progress Saver - Through this account facility you can accomplish your aims for savings. It might also prove to be of great use to teach kids about advantage of savings thereby providing them with a preliminary savings account for kids.

Everyday account facilities by ANZ:

ANZ Everyday Visa Debit - This account facility provides a gateway to access VISA on your account for online shopping, across the world or by using the phone.

ANZ Access Advantage - This account facility is tailor made for people who prefer the freedom to manage their financial transactions in branch, on the web or using their phone.

ANZ Access Select - This account facility is perfect for those of your who prefer online banking or phone banking in spite of visiting the nearest branch.

ANZ Term Deposits: ANZ provides financial security and undoubtful investment scheme. ANZ term deposit scheme provides the individual with return at a fixed rate and the person can also choose the term of investment so that one is able to compute as to how his/her money is going to grow over a selected period of time.

You can apply for any of these account and deposit facilities provided by the bank by logging on to the bank's website.

ANZ Card


ANZ Bank provides various card facilities with a view to make the process of financial transactions an easy and effortless banking experience.

ANZ First Visa - Its a routine credit card with a cheap fee paid on an annual basis.

ANZ Low Rate Master Card - The customer gets a low interest rate of 11.74% p.a. on purchases made using the master card.

ANZ Balance Visa

- The customer gets rewards and can acquire this card facility at competitive interest rate.

The bank offers other credit cards such as - ANZ Frequent Flyer suitable for people who travel by air quite often, ANZ Rewards VISA to enjoy innumerable flexible rewards etc.

Gold Card

- ANZ Gold with enhanced insurance for traveling abroad as well as medical insurance, ANZ Rewards VISA Gold which comes along with rewards protection and added gold card benefits.

Platinum Card

- ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card can help you maximize your travel plans with travel and medical insurance facility.

You can apply for any of the ANZ Cards online itself on ANZ website.

ANZ Home Loan


ANZ Bank offers home loan for a variety of purposes like purchasing your first home, to buy another abode or may be to acquire a home loan to invest in property etc. The bank offers easy and flexible home loan schemes at cheap and facile home loan interest rates to repay the mortgage. ANZ home loan can also be borrowed in case you are not satisfied with the home loan acquired from any other bank or financial institution. You can switch over to ANZ Bank Home loan scheme thereby reassessing your existing home loan. ANZ also provides online home loan calculator using which you can figure out how much your housing loan might cost you along with the monthly installments. On the basis of your current annual income and other financial commitments you can also calculate a suitable home loan amount you can borrow using another type of calculator available online. Existing ANZ home loan customers can manage their home loan account online itself and can even learn tips and ways to minimize the home loan cost.

The home loan applicants can either apply for the home loan online, they can download the home loan application form and submit the duly filled up form in the nearest ANZ branch, you can locate your nearest ANZ Branch using the online locator and can even make an appointment online. For more information on ANZ Home Loan you can also call the ANZ Home Loan Hotline for further details on home loans provided by ANZ.

ANZ Personal Loan


ANZ Bank offers lucrative personal loan schemes in a prompt way to acquire the things one longs for or needs. The personal loan schemes are offered at attractive interest rates and come with flexible and easy repayment options. ANZ Bank personal loans can be used for varied purposes like - to buy a vehicle, for renovation or repair work in house, to go on a luxurious vacation with folks, for investment purposes etc. You can apply and get more details on ANZ Bank Personal loan schemes on its official website.

ANZ Car Loan - ANZ car loan schemes are offered at low and attractive interest rates and can be acquired to realize your dream to own your favorite car without worrying much about its cost.

ANZ Graduate Loan - The bank offers a graduate loan to the final year students as well as to the students who recently graduated and are a permanent resident of Australia. This type of an education loan can be acquired to pay for the final year educational expenses and one doesn't have to cough up anything towards loan repayment for the first year.

ANZ Internet Banking


ANZ Internet Banking facility is offered with an aim to provide a facile and fluent banking experience to the net savvy customers. The customers willing to avail internet banking facility provided by ANZ have to register themselves online and can view your statement of account online using the eStatements and can also invest using the ANZ Online investment account. With a view to provide comfortable banking exposure to the customers the bank provides most of its services online like online trade, online loan application etc.



Using the ANZ E*Trade facility you can invest your cash, can manage your money, can borrow for investment, trade in shares etc. all this merely by opening an E*Trade account with the bank.

ANZ Recruitment


ANZ Bank offers various profitable employment opportunities by offering job vacancies for people willing to make a career in the banking industry. ANZ aspires to expand its operations in its core markets of Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific and for that it is hiring and nurturing talented people with an aim to make it big in the banking sector. The bank provides ample of opportunities to its staff members to grow themselves in a better way along with the growth of the bank thereby creating a balance between work and life of the staff member. ANZ Bank offers a variety of part-time and full-time job opportunities depending upon the individual's skills and experience in the work-field.

ANZ India


ANZ India is an indispensable part of the ANZ global network and provides two types of businesses - ANZ Bangalore and ANZ Capital India Pvt. Ltd. in India's financial capital Mumbai.

Bangalore division of the ANZ basically looks after all the technology related operations and other kinds of shared services offered by ANZ India and any type of work that is outsourced to India. ANZ Bangalore has been present for over 18 years. The company has an employee strength of around 2.400 people who work in departments like - IT, Operations, support functions and shared services. ANZ Bangalore is a key division considering the presence of huge companies like IBM and Microsoft in the city.

ANZ Capital Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai basically symbolizes the banking functions of ANZ in India. It is owned by ANZ banking group. It provides services like advising on services concerned with trade finance, corporate finance, project financing etc. It also provides counseling to people and students shifting from India to Australia but the company doesn't provide any bank related services in India. ANZ offers unmatchable career opportunities for individuals in India and willing applicants can visit the bank's website for more detailed information.

ANZ marks its presence globally and has expanded its operations with the course of time in various parts of the world like - India, Singapore, USA, UK, HongKong etc. and other prominent centers.

For more information on ANZ Bank and its banking products and services you can either call on the contact number given below or visit the nearest ANZ branch or can also log on to the ANZ website for more assistance.

You can call on: 13 13 14

You can visit: www.anz.com


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