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ANZ Home Loans NZ

ANZ Home Loans NZ provides housing finance options for a variety of purposes to suit the individual demands of the different home loan applicants. Also known as ANZ National Bank Limited, ANZ NZ is New Zealand's one of the leading commercial bank providing a host of banking and financial services to over a million New Zealanders. The bank commands expertise in providing personal banking services. ANZ NZ offers a broad range of home loan options for individuals to choose from a combination that suits them best. A summary of varied home loan schemes available with ANZ New Zealand is briefly discussed below:

ANZ Fixed Rate Home Loan - Perhaps the best feature of this type of home loan option is that the individual will get an idea of as to how much amount he will have to pay off every month. This way the home loan applicant can make a suitable budget for himself without worrying about the frequent rise/fall in the home loan rates as its a market driven formula. The home loan applicant is also provided some flexibility as the individual can make an extra payment together with the fixed payment of up to 5% of the balance loan amount i.e. the loan balance at the beginning of the term of the fixed rate to a maximum amount of $10,000. But in case the amount of extra payment crosses the said amount the individual will have to make an early payment of fee towards for repayment.

ANZ Standard Variable Rate Home Loan - Its a flexible home loan scheme offered by ANZ NZ Home Loan as it allows the home loan borrower to make an additional payment anytime during the loan tenure and the individual is allowed to redraw any additional amount he/she has paid on the home loan using the ANZ Flexidraw facility. One has to redraw a minimum of $1,000 and a redraw fee is applicable for the whole procedure. The scheme is suitable for people who have an excess of cash to pay off the home loan. The bank may also charge fees towards loan approval and low equity.

ANZ Flexiplus - ANZ Flexiplus scheme provides home loan up to up to an agreed limit of credit offered at attractive and competitive rates. The individual can access his/her cash whenever one requires it just as one would do in case of a transaction account and if one has an extra amount of money, it can be utilized to minimize the debt and to economize on part of the interest paid on home loan. This loan scheme is more suitable for people with a good salary and are left with excess of money. One has to cough up an amount of administration fee on a monthly basis and along with that in some cases a fee towards approval of loan and a fee for low equity are also applicable.

ANZ Split Home Loan - ANZ Split Home Loan scheme provides a double benefit of variable interest rate and fixed rate schemes. Its perhaps the most sought after housing loan scheme in whole of New Zealand as one gets a profitable equilibrium of both security and flexibility on such type of a home loan scheme.

Purpose of acquiring home loan


ANZ NZ Home loans are offered for different purposes like -:
  1. To purchase your first home - The bank offers guidance on how much one is required to save, how much amount of money one has to borrow and the loan schemes that are most suitable for the first time home buyers.
  2. Investment in property - The bank provides assistance to the people willing to invest in property and advices on things like how to arrange your holding, provides with an access to certain useful and meaningful loan resources thereby offering the best suitable home loan schemes.
  3. Construction Of Home - ANZ NZ provides home loans for constructing your home and looks out for ways to finance the construction work.
  4. People who are already having an abode can acquire ANZ NZ Home Loans for renovation, to buy one more property, to sell their old dwelling and buy a new one etc. The existing ANZ home loan NZ borrowers can get a top-up on their loan to augment their share of borrowings, to take a break for a certain period from repayment of loan etc.

ANZ Home Loan Application


ANZ provides various means to apply for its varied home loan schemes. The interested home loan seekers can apply for ANZ Home loan online by filling up and submitting the home loan application form available on ANZ website. You can also apply for ANZ home loan by calling up on the ANZ Home helpline number. You can personally walk down to the nearest ANZ NZ branch and get all the relevant details and application form for home loan and apply thereafter.

ANZ NZ Home Loan Interest Rates


The interest charged on different ANZ NZ home loan schemes are as follows:
  • ANZ Standard Variable Rate Home Loan - The interest rate on this home loan scheme is charged at the rate of 6.45% p.a. for the new customers but the interest rate for the existing customers of ANZ NZ may differ.
  • ANZ Fixed Rate Home Loan - The interest rate for this particular home loan scheme for a period of different fixed terms is as under:
    1. For a period of 6 months the interest is charged at 5.45% p.a.
    2. For a period of a year the rate on home loan is charged at 5.50% p.a.
    3. The interest rate on home loan for 18 months is charged at 6.09% p.a.
    4. For a period of 2 years the interest is charged at a rate of 6.55% p.a.
    5. The interest rate for 3 years is charged at 7.40% p.a.
    6. The interest rate for a loan term of 4 years is charged at 7.95% p.a.
    7. For a loan tenure of 5 years the interest is charged at the rate of 8.30% p.a.

  • ANZ FlexiPlus - The interest on this home loan scheme is charged at a variable rate of 6.60% p.a.

Home Loan Calculators


ANZ NZ provides three different home loan calculators for different purposes:
  1. ANZ Loan Repayment Calculator - Using this calculator you can compute the amount of monthly payments you will have to make to settle the home loan and how much time it is going to take you to repay the home loan.
  2. Set-Up costs calculator - This calculator gives you an estimate of costs connected with to setting up of an investment in property.
  3. Capital Gains Calculator - This type of calculator helps you compute the amount of profit you have made on your capital on your investment in residential property.
  4. Retail Contribution to mortgage calculator - Using this calculator you can figure out whether the rental income from the investment in the residential property would be sufficient to meet the monthly loan repayments.
  5. Rental Investment Property Equity Calculator - You can calculate and get an estimate of the equity in your existing property or the equity after buying a new property for investment purposes.

ANZ NZ Home Loan Customer Care


ANZ provides a top-notch customer care service to its existing and potential customers. You can send in your queries, post your feedback and get all feasible information on ANZ home loans NZ on ANZ NZ website or get in touch with the 'ANZ Mobile Mortgage Managers' who can contact you according to your convenience.

For more information contact anytime on the home loan hotline number: 0800 269 4663

You can also visit the ANZ New Zealand Website at: www.anz.co.nz


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