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ANZ Home Loan Application

ANZ Bank provides dynamic ways to its potential customers to apply for the home loan schemes offered by the bank to suit the individual needs of different customers. Following are some of the ways by which you can apply for ANZ Home Loans:

ANZ Loan Application Form


ANZ Home Loan Application Form is perhaps the most convenient way provided by ANZ Bank on its website. The housing loan application form is available in the PDF format and can be downloaded or printed anytime and from anywhere and you are just required to have an internet connection. The home loan applicant can send the duly filled up form either by fax or by sending the response through paid post to the address given at the bottom of the page. Along with the duly filled up home loan application form the home loan applicant is required to furnish the following documents to the bank:
  1. Two payslips given to the employee for last 3 months stating the individual's salary with detailed information on deductions and also stating the employer's name.
  2. In case the home loan applicant is self-employed(doctor, advocate etc.) or is running a business as a sole proprietor then he is required to declare the financial transactions or a copy of the income tax return of 1 year.
  3. In case the individual is wishing to refinance his existing home loan scheme.
  4. The loan applicant is required to pay off a particular amount as part of the security fee for the home loan while furnishing all these essential documents.

Following are certain key fields one has to fill in ANZ Bank home loan application form:

On the loan application form one has to select the loan type along with the purpose for which one wants to avail the loan scheme.

ANZ Bank has divided the whole home loan application form page wise to acquire -:
  • Personal information of the home loan applicant. Information concerning the employment details of the applicant along with the place he is employed in and also the employer's name.
  • The loan applicant is also required to provide the information regarding his/her current financial status.
  • Information of the mortgaged property or the property provided as a part of the security of the loan.
  • The loan applicant is given a choice on whether or not he requires ANZ Assured scheme, whether or not he/she is interested in applying for ANZ Credit Card service.

After filling up all these compulsory fields the home loan applicant has to provide a guarantee or a sort of a declaration that the information provided by him/her along with the documents are bona-fide and authentic.

Once the bank receives the loan application it gets in touch with the applicant withing two days of applying and guides the individual if there are any more documents required. As and when bank receives all the necessary information and after verifying all the documents the bank informs the person about its decision and during that period bank also briefs the individual about the steps involved thereafter.

Call Directly on Phone


You can straightaway call on the Home Loan Hotline number and get in touch with the mortgage experts of the bank who will thoroughly inform you about intricacies involved in availing ANZ Bank Home Loans. The mortgage specialist will put forth a few questions about your financial status at present and give advise on process involved and how to go about the same.

ANZ Personal Mortgage Managers


ANZ has a hard-working team of committed professional mortgage managers who hold an expertise in lending home loans. These mortgage managers have a vast experience coupled with extensive knowledge of the home loan sector. These professionals provide the customers with a personalized banking service to cater to their all banking and financial needs.

ANZ Mobile Home Loan Lending Service


The mortgage specialist in your area will provide you all possible assistance on your housing loan requirement according to your convenience. The mortgage expert will brief you about all the home loan deals and information on the home loan rates etc.

Make visit to an ANZ Branch


The home loan applicant can visit the nearest ANZ Branch for more information and clarity on ANZ home loan options. Using the online ANZ locator you can find your closest ANZ Bank branch. You can take an online appointment with the branch manager or you can avail the facility where the home loan expert of the bank will call you up so that you can apply for the loan on phone.

Online Loan Application


You can apply for the ANZ Home Loan online aswell. Once you have filled up and submitted the ANZ online home loan application form an ANZ home loan expert will call you and discuss about your requirements pertaining to your housing loan. The loan specialist will go through the details of the application and will let you know in case any documents are further required and after all the authentication the bank will inform you about its decision within 48 hours.

ANZ Home Loan Customer Care Service


ANZ Bank maintains different phone lines for its different services and the phone lines are open from 8am to 11pm(AEST) on all 7 days of the week.

For assistance on Home Loan Application Form call the toll free number: 1800 035 500

You can send your duly filled up home loan application form via sending a fax at: 1800 269 038(Within Australia) or +61 3 9317 2200(International)

To avail the services of ANZ Mortgage Specialists you can call on: 1800 100 641

For Mobile Home Loan Lending Service of ANZ call on: 13 37 50

In order to apply online for home loan and more information log on: www.anz.com


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