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Andhra Bank Loans

Andhra Bank loans come with a host of benefits and features. Andhra Bank is recognized all over India for the variety of agriculture loans, retail loans, corporate finance and SME loans that it offers.

About Andhra Bank Loans

Andhra Bank loans are available with attractive terms and conditions that suit the financial requirements of the customers. Financing facilities are equally available for both individual and institutional clients. Given below are important information related to Andhra Bank loans that will help you make a good decision regarding selection of a loan.

1) Retail Loans

Andhra Bank offers a variety of retail loans which include the following:

  • AB Vehicle Loans–Consumer Loans
  • AB Anand Jeevan
  • AB Housing Loans – Priority Sector
  • AB Consumer Loans-Consumer Durables
  • AB Dr.Pattabhi Vidya Jyothi
  • AB Housing Loans – Non-priority Sector
  • AB Personal Loans-Shares And Securities
  • AB Vanitha Vahan
  • AB Mortagage Loans
  • AB Clean Loans
  • AB Swarnabharana
  • AB Non-agricultural Gold Loans
  • AB Other Scheme

2) Agriculture Loans

Agriculture loans offered by Andhra Bank can be categorized into the following types:

  • AB Mahila Soubhagya
  • AB Kisan Pragathi
  • AB Kisan Vikas Card
  • AB Kisan Rakshak
  • AB Kisan Chakra
  • AB Pattabhi Agricard
  • AB Agri Clinics/Agro Service Centers
  • AB Rural Godowns
  • AB Kisan Bandhu - Tractor Financing
  • AB Kisan Sampathi
  • AB Andhra Bank Kisan Green Card
  • AB Self Help Groups-Bank Linkage Programme
  • AB Surya Sakthi

There are also other agricultural schemes launched by Andhra Bank viz. AB Finance Purchase of Land for Agricultural Purpose and AB For Financing To Dairy Agents.

3) Corporate financing

Corporate loans offered by the corporate banking division of Andhra Bank are as follows:

  • Export & Import Finance
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Sub BMPLR Finance
  • Bill Finance
  • Advance against Shares
  • Foreign Currency Loans
  • Advance to Real Estate Developers
  • Advance against Rent Receivables
  • Bridge Loans
  • Term Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Loans
  • Takeover Accounts
  • Infrastructure Project Finance
  • Non Fund Based Limits

4) Small & medium enterprises financing

The small & medium enterprises loan products offered by Andhra Bank include the following:

  • Term Finance
  • Composite loan scheme
  • Non-fund based limits.
  • Open cash credit (OCC)
  • Artisans Credit Card (ACC) scheme
  • AB Laghu Udhyami Credit Card - (LUCC).
  • AB Power Tools (Shakti)
  • Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)
  • Technology upgradation fund scheme (TUFs) for jute & textile industries in SSI Sector.
  • National equity fund scheme (NEF) of SIDBI (soft loan assistance).
  • Credit guarantee fund trust for small industries (CGTSI).
  • Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) For Technology Upgradation of The Small Scale Industries
  • Joint/Co-financing of SMEs
  • Mutual credit guarantee scheme in collaboration with CGTSI & ALEAP for women entrepreneurs
  • Scheme of Technology upgradation (Food Processing)
  • Pavala Vaddi Scheme
  • AB Doctor Plus

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