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American Express Bank Ltd

American Express Bank Ltd is one of the main private banks that are operating in India. It is a diversified international financial service provider and the headquarters of the bank are located in New York City.

About American Express Bank Ltd

American Express Bank was founded in 1850. Popularly called as AMEX or AmEx, it is one of the 30 constituents that form the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Amex is mostly famous for its variety of credit cards, charge cards and traveler’s cheques. Credit cards of American Express comprise almost 24% of overall dollar value of credit card transactions in the United States, the maximum for any credit card issuer.

Interbrand and BusinessWeek have rated American Express as one of the most prized brands in the world. The New York Times also stated about the high level of satisfaction among the Amex customers.

The business of American Express Bank in India is carried out in the name of American Express Bank Ltd. It is a major payments, travel and network company. American Express Bank Ltd. has been providing travel related services in India from 1921. In an attempt to complete its series of locations across the globe, the Kolkata Office of American Express was inaugurated. At that time, it was one of the most significant and dynamic business hubs between Asia and Europe. Situated in the banking district of Kolkata, the office handled shipping, financial operations and travel, mainly travel and tourism for tourists coming from Europe and the U.S.

In 1922, the second office of Amex was opened in Mumbai. Currently, American Express is the biggest travel network in the country.

AMEX was responsible for developing the then budding card market in India by launching the U.S. dollar-billed Corporate Card in the year 1987. It was the only card which could be used abroad. Subsequently, it launched the American Express Card which could be used in rupees in countries like Bhutan, Nepal and India. Later on, the bank also launched cards like Platinum Card, Gold Card and the Indian Airlines American Express Gold Card. Furthermore, the bank has a big portfolio of retail banking services. The philanthropic activities of the bank to protect the cultural heritage of India and support economic freedom and community services have raised its position in the whole world.

Products and services of American Express Bank Ltd

American Express Bank has a diversified range of products and services which includes the following:

Credit Cards

  1. American Express® Kingfisher First Credit Card
  2. American Express Platinum ReserveSM Credit Card
  3. The RPM Credit Card from American Express® and HPCL
  4. Air India American Express® Credit Card
  5. American Express® Gold Credit Card

Charge Cards

  1. American Express® Platinum Card
  2. American Express® Gold Card
  3. Air India American Express® Green Card
  4. American Express® Card
  5. Air India American Express® Gold Card

Traveler’s Cheques

Business Travel

  1. Service Solutions
  2. Savings Solutions
  3. Control Solutions
  4. Corporate Meetings Solutions
  5. Advisory Services


  1. American Express Corporate Card Program
  2. American Express Kingfisher Airlines Corporate Card
  3. Purchasing Solutions
  4. Business Travel Account
  5. Meeting Card


  1. Merchants Cards
  2. Payment Settlements and Disputes
  3. Online Merchant Services

American Express Bank Ltd. Contact Details

Mailing Address:
American Express Banking Corp.
Cyber City, Tower-C, DLF Bldg. No.8,
Sector-25, DLF City Ph-II,
Haryana, India