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Adelaide Bank Home Loan Calculator

Adelaide bank home loan calculator is a very useful tool given out by the bank which, helps you to calculate your estimated repayments after availing a housing loan from the bank. The merger of Adelaide bank with Bendigo bank has made them work jointly and the customers of any of the two banks can approach either Adelaide bank or Bendigo bank for their banking transactions. It has come a long way since its establishment and extended its reach to almost the entire country. Adelaide bank has also extending its products and services and also launched the Adelaide bank home loan calculator. It offers five different kinds of home loan calculators with the help of which you can calculate the estimated repayments. Let us have a look at these one by one.
  1. Mortgage repayment calculator
  2. Lump sum payment calculator
  3. Savings calculator
  4. Extra payment calculator
  5. Stamp duty calculator

Mortgage repayment calculator

The mortgage repayments calculator tells you the amount of repayments that you will have to make on the housing loan availed. You will have to enter the amount of home finance required by you and the rate of interest chosen. Once you click on the submit button, the repayment amount will flash on the screen.


Lump sum payment calculator

Lump sum payment calculator tells you how much you can save on by making a lump sum payment on the housing loan availed. You have to enter the amount you think you can pay and click on the calculate button. The lump sum amount will flash on the screen.


Savings calculator

Savings calculator gives you an idea of different types of rates of interest and the loan term and thus helps you in knowing each saving amount on different interest rates applied. This is a very important tool as it lets you know the exact saving amount.


Extra payment calculator

Instead of paying the same amount as repayment on a monthly or a weekly basis you can also opt for paying extra and cutting short the repayment tenure. The extra payment calculator would let you know the exact savings on tenure as well as loan amount.


Stamp duty calculator

There are a number of things attached with the housing loan and one of those is the stamp duty charges. The stamp duty calculator gives you an estimate of the amount you will have to pay as stamp duty charges.

Thus, the Adelaide bank home loan calculator gives you an idea of repayment so that you can then decide whether to go in for the housing loan or increase or decrease the amount applied. All the information given in the calculator is kept confidential. To know more on Adelaide bank home loan calculator you can log on to the link given below:
http://www.adelaidebank.com.au/cash_management_trust/calculator/ .

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