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Adelaide Bank

Adelaide bank of Australia was formed in the year 1994 which was previously Australia's largest co-operative building society. The history of Adelaide bank foundation traces back to the year 1990 when the bank was operating as a co-operative society. Since then, the bank has grown to be the the biggest regional banks in the state of South Australia. Since the year 1990 the organization's asset has crossed the mark of $1 billion. Now in the year 2009, the assets of Adelaide bank is more than $25 billion. Moreover, the bank also gets a loan approval of more than $700 million on a monthly basis throughout the country. The Adelaide bank represents 3% of the national loan approvals in the country. The bank has now sped its reach even to other parts of the country by approving loans in the rest of Australia. Today, it has more than 70 % of customers who belong to the other states of the country. In the year 2007, arrangements were made for the merger with Bendigo Bank and in the end of the same year this merger was accomplished. Since the previous year, the Adelaide bank is a subsidiary of the Bendigo bank and came to be known as the Bendigo and Adelaide bank limited. This merger has benefited most of the Adelaide bank customers, staff and the community as a whole as this particular financial institution has diverse products and services to offer.

Branches of Adelaide Bank Ltd

The head office of the Adelaide bank is located in the city of Adelaide. The bank has also opened branches in other locations such as Perth, Melbourne, Burnside and Brisbane (bsb). It works towards expanding its reach to the rest of the country so that more and more people of Australia are benefited by this bank. The opening hours of the bank is 8.00 am and they close at 5.00 pm on all weekdays. However, the customer care department is open on Saturday and Sunday. The bank has opened ATM locations in the entire making it quite convenient for the customers to borrow money from a place of their choice. Adelaide bank organizes festival of arts every year which encourages art form in the country. It invites people to participate in this festival and thus win exciting prizes.

Adelaide Bank Online Banking

Adelaide bank has come out with its online banking service with the help of which you can perform a number of banking transactions online. It allows you to pay off your credit card bills, transfer money from one account to the other, view debit card balance, view savings account and all other activities online. The Internet banking system has made life more comfortable. You can also discharge authority to the bank and ask them to keep you updated of all the new schemes introduced by them. You can also have a look at the various interest rates fixed rate and variable rates, exchange rates and their various policies online. All you require is to have a valid and a unique login id and a password supporting it. Once you enter and login to your account, it will give you complete details on your account status.

Careers at Adelaide Bank

After the merger of Adelaide bank and the Bendigo bank employment opportunities have increased in Australia. This is because, the merger of both these financial institutions have caused created more jobs in the bank. Adelaide bank offers a variety of career opportunities to professional individuals. It has openings for fresh graduates as well as experienced qualified people. The various positions that it invites applicants are insurance, customer care, financial analyst, human resources and so on. For recent vacancies and current openings you will have to contact the bank personally. Its recruitment process involves a round of written test followed by personal interview. Candidates who are shortlisted after the written test will only be called in for personal interviews. The human resource department would inform the final candidates selected for respective positions.

Home Loans provided by Adelaide Bank

Adelaide bank offers a variety of home loan products to its customers at competitive interest rates applied on the same. The customer can choose any type of housing loan suiting his/her budget and requirements. The interest rates applied on the home loan varies from the kind of home loan finance chosen to the repayment tenure. Adelaide bank home loan interest rates are charged at two different rates, one is at the fixed rate and the second is at a variable rate of interest. The bank also gives out a very useful and an important tool called the Adelaide bank home loan calculator which helps you to calculate your monthly repayments.

Swift Code of Adelaide Bank

Swift code is an identification code given to each bank in order to identify and differentiate it from other banks of the country. Each bank is given a unique code with the help of which one can easily, transfer funds from one bank to the other. The swift code is a standardization code given to each and every bank established. It consists of 8 or 11 characters. The swift code of Adelaide bank is BENDAU3B.

Adelaide Bank Term Deposit

Adelaide bank term deposit provides secure, competitive and flexible interest rates. In order to open a term deposit account, you will have to fill up an account opening form and submit the same at the bank's branch. You can also call the bank on their number 1300 366 666 for current deposit rates applicable. The bank offers term deposit in two rates. One is the Standard term deposit rate and the second is the Gold term deposit rate.

Adelaide Bank merger with Bendigo Bank

In the year 2007, Adelaide bank decided to merge with the Bendigo Bank in Australia in order to provide better financial assistances to its customers. In March 2008, a new company was formed under the banner Adelaide and Bendigo Bank Limited. The customers of both the banks now deal mostly with Bendigo bank. This merger gained a lot of support from its shareholders, investors, employees as well as the public at large.

Adelaide Bank Credit Card

Adelaide bank credit cards are given only to those who are above the age of 18 years. In order to avail an Adelaide bank credit card you need to fill up an application form available at their web page and submit the same. The bank officials will get in touch with you within 24 working hours. It will take around five working days to get your application form approved by the credit card department of the bank The officials will then themselves explain you all the different types of credit cards suiting your income and budget

Postal Address:
Adelaide Bank
GPO Box 1048,
South Australia: 5001.

You can also call the bank personally on their customer service number 13 22 20 for further details on the bank. .For more information on Adelaide bank and its banking structure you can log on the link given below: www.adelaidebank.com.au .

Adelaide Bank

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