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Absa bank is one of the largest banks in South Africa that caters to the personal, corporate as well as commercial customers in South Africa. It offers a variety of banking services right from the basic banking products to the low income group people to the wealthy products and services to the elite. This bank was formed because of the amalgamation of Volkskas group and the USB holdings in the year 1991. Today the Absa bank is listed on the JSE listings and is proud to be the largest financial services provided in South Africa. The bank has assets worth R754 billion, 112 million customers, 9214 automated teller machines and and around 36,000 employees working in the bank. The bank has also created an international presence by opening branches in the United States of America(USA), UK, Asia, Europe and Africa. The strategy of the bank is to enhance the competitiveness of baas and also be the leader in retail banking market. It maintains a cordial relation with all its customers, stakeholders, employees, community, government and the public at large. ABSA also provides a variety of loans such as student loans, education loans, personal loans and home loans to its customers.

ABSA Bank Branches

The bank has opened branches in various locations such as Cape town, Gauteng, Durban, Midrand, Bryanston. The head office of Absa bank is located in Johannesburg. It has also created an international presence by opening branches in USA, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. Its branches are spread across in Arizona, Canberra, Caroline, Miami, Edmonton, Lancaster, Phoenix, Tucson, Victoria, Arcadia, Bellville, Florida, Goodwood, Kempton park, and Namibia.

ABSA Internet Banking

ABSA bank Internet banking is a online banking facility provided by the ABSA bank, which facilitates online transactions. You can now go through your account statements, pay credit card bills or other bills online. In order to use the online banking services, you will require a unique login id and a password provided by the bank.

This login id can be used to sign in to your personal account and perform the desired banking transactions. Internet banking is a completely safe and a secure procedure that not only saves time but also puts an end to standing in long queues. In order to be eligible for the online banking facility, you will have to register with the bank and complete all the registration formalities. Once you are done with it, you can contact the helpline number and make your payments. Details on your savings account can also be found out online.

ABSA Careers and Vacancies

Absa bank offers a variety of career programs such as financial analysts, customer service executives, home loan specialists, marketing executives, human resources executives and so on. To search current vacancies with the bank, you can go to the bank's website directly and enter your details. The bank's recruitment program happens twice a year in which all the applicants are called for a written test and a personal round of interview. The presently vacant positions are available in Cape town and Durban. You can contact the bank personally for more details on their careers, jobs or vacancies with the bank.

ABSA Credit Card

The ABSA credit card division handles everything about credit cards. Right from handling enquiries to providing credit card statements and answering about the application status, this credit card division provides complete information. The different types of credit card available at the bank are gold credit card, platinum credit card, silver credit card, electronic credit card, classic credit card and private credit card. Each credit card sets a minimum income requirement which has to be fulfilled. By filling up an credit card application form, you can apply for any of the credit card online. The payments can also be made online with the Internet banking facility. You can contact ABSA Credit Card division at 0800 11 11 55

ABSA Home Loans

ABSA home loans are available for buying a first house, refinancing an existing loan, furnishing your house or for investing in property. The home loan application forms can be filled online and sent to the concerned department. All the home loan requirements such as minimum income, age group etc should be fulfilled. ABSA bank also provides a home loan calculator which is used to calculate the estimated repayments. All the calculations done in the calculator is only an estimated amount and may not be the final amount that would have to be repaid. The interest rates at which home loans are offered are also affordable by the customers. It gives the customer an option of different interest rates so that it becomes easy for him/her to decide for the type of housing loan to choose. In case of any doubts, the customer care department can be contacted at any time. The home loan officials would clear all the doubts incurred.

ABSA Swift Code

ABSA bank swift code in South Africa is ABSAZAJJ. This is an eight character code that is used to identify the banks from other banks in the country. It is very useful whenever there is an international transaction of money from one bank to the other or from one branch to the other. This code is unique and each financial institution operating is given a swift code. SWIFT based payments in South Africa are based on certain rules set by Payments Association of South Africa.

Contact Address
3rd Floor, Absa Towers East,
170 Main Street, Johannesburg,
Tel: 011 350 4000
e-mail: groupsec@absa.co.za .

For more information on the ABSA bank you can log on to their official website which is www.absa.co.za


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