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ABN AMRO Home Loans

ABN AMRO Home Loans are now being marketed under the brand name of The Royal Bank of Scotland India home loans. All the home loan schemes offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland India are flexible and tailored to meet every home buying need of the consumer.

About ABN AMRO Bank Home Loans/Royal Bank of Scotland India Home Loans

Royal Bank of Scotland India offers home loans through their consumer banking division. Different types of home loans available from the bank include the following:

  1. Home Loan (Purchase or Construction)
  2. Secured Overdraft (Residential)
  3. Residential Home Equity (Loan Against Property - Residential)

Other types of loans offered to existing RBS customers are the following:

  1. RBS Renovation Loan – You can switch a house into a customized home to stay in. The Renovation Loan offered by RBS provides up to 100% of the projected cost depending on 30% of the market value of the real property.
  2. RBS Top–up Loan – Once you have secured an RBS Home Loan, you can additionally bolster the association by obtaining a top-up loan for other financial requirements such as higher education, marriage etc. against the same property. You can talk to the loan counselors at various branches of RBS to see how much you can save by shifting to a RBS N.V. Home Loan.
  3. RBS Home Extension Loan – A growing family requires additional space. The RBS Home Extension Loan offers financing of up to 85% of the projected cost depending on 80% of the market value of the real property.
  4. Secured Overdraft: It is an overdraft facility that is available against residential real estate. This provides incredible savings and unparalleled flexibility. The Home Equity Overdraft offered by RBS permits you to make interest only payments on the money you withdraw. These flexible slab-oriented interest programs give you the advantage of just 1% of the money that you spend as minimum amount payable each month or Rs. 5000/- which ever is less.
  5. Loan against Residential Properties offered by RBS – You can be use any real estate/real property that you own as a cost-efficient financing option for business, higher education, marriage or healthcare costs in the family. Basically, you can use the loan for any lawful purpose.

All self-employed and salaried persons can send applications for the Home Loan products offered by The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.

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